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A welcome as warm as the Roussillon sun

Ceret is known as a friendly town, and is typically Catalan in this respect as well as in its traditions, architecture, and gastronomy. It is also a most attractive place, with its narrow cobbled streets and pretty pastel coloured houses baked by the sun, which shines, it is claimed, for around 300 days a year in this corner of the Mediterranean! The town somehow manages to be both a tranquil escape from the stresses and strains of modern life, as well as a fascinating bustling centre. The shops, cafés and bars along with the weekly market make up the life of Ceret, and provide a delightful opportunity to sample the uniquely Catalan delicacies and cuisine on offer. Among the dishes which really must be tasted here are crème Catalane, which is a delicious crème brulée with the addition of aniseed and orange flower.

Perfect for outdoor living and café culture

Ceret has an enviably warm and sunny climate, and as you would expect from a place so close to the Spanish Costa Brava, in the summer it can be extremely hot. The town, however, is the perfect place to shelter from the midday heat, as it is lined with plane trees which shelter the eating areas of the bars and restaurants, and which create a cool and pleasant atmosphere.

A magical area to explore and enjoy

The countryside around the town is perhaps France's most dramatic and exciting. There are plunging gorges, towering mountains with darkly romantic Cathar castles atop, rushing rivers and, of course, the ever inviting Mediterranean Sea. There is no shortage of outdoor activities available here, and an ever changing landscape that cannot fail to intrigue and delight, no matter how many times you have viewed it! Within the town itself there is also plenty to see and do, particularly for fans of modern art. Ceret is known as the birthplace of Cubism, and the town has its own art gallery dedicated to modern art. Here you can see works by no less a personage than Pablo Picasso, and also experience the unusual installation pieces which are on the higher floor.

A place to celebrate

Ceret is also known for its festivals. The town is the centre of the cherry growing region, and has a reputation for producing the first cherries each year. There is a festival that celebrates this most delicious of fruits, with plenty of opportunities to sample the luscious dark red cherries! Ceret also celebrates its Catalan heritage with a festival of bullfighting and bull running, and to cater to all tastes, there is a further festival which simply celebrates all things Mediterranean… so prepare yourself for some really delicious food and wine, and get ready for the all night singing and dancing round the town!

How to get there

Ceret can be easily accessed from the UK. Fly into the airports of Girona, Carcassonne or Perpignan with budget airline Ryanair, or take a Motorail train from Calais to Narbonne. You can also choose to travel by TGV from Paris to Perpignan, or take a leisurely drive through France (though it is recommended that you allow two or three days for this!) and find Ceret just off the A9 autoroute.

Property and prices in and around Ceret

Ceret is located in an extremely desirable part of France, close to the Mediterranean Sea and also to the Pyrenean mountains, so don't expect property to be cheap! Property in Roussillon always comes at a premium, but Ceret is a little less expensive than neighbouring Collioure, as it is slightly inland. If you want a Catalan home in a lovely location however, you will not go far wrong if you look in and close to Ceret, as the town and its environs are always of interest to property buyers and holiday makers. It is possible to generate a good rental income from the right property here.

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The town of Ceret lies slightly to the east and very much to the south of the department of Pyrénées Orientales, close to the Spanish border.

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Population: 7,291

Access: By air: Fly to Perpignan, Carcassonne or Girona with Ryanair.By rail: take the TGV from Paris to Perpignan or the Motorail from Calais to Narbonne.

Economy: A gourmand's delight with cherries and wine being the mainstay of the economy, and all there for the sampling!

Interesting fact: Ceret continues the Catalan tradition of bullfighting, and there is a festival in July which is a celebration of the bullfight. This includes bull running through the streets of the town! This festival is known as the Feria de Toros.


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