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Le Barcarès Property Listings and Info

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Le Barcarès's sea and mountain views

The town of Le Barcarès (or Le Barcares) can be found on the Mediterranean coast, in the far south of France not far from the Spanish border. The town lies on a flat sea plain, but you don't have to look far into the distance to see the majestic peaks of the Pyrénées.

A modern town with an ancient heart

Although once a tiny fishing village, in recent times, the quaint old centre has been surrounded by a modern holiday resort. But residents of Le Barcarès haven't forgotten their roots. There is a sense of history and tradition here, albeit hidden behind the layers of modern life, and there is also a fiercely Catalan spirit which permeates life in Le Barcarès.

Markets galore

Le Barcarès has no less than three weekly markets, and these are a great way to both purchase fresh seafood and other produce, and to experience some local colour.

Joie de vivre

Meanwhile, the town of Le Barcarès has everything you could wish for in a seaside resort. In high summer there are a multitude of bars and restaurants both in the town and on the seafront, and there is no shortage of shops and activities to choose from. Summer time brings a high energy atmosphere to the town, and it certainly attracts tourists, although not to the extent of the unappealing overcrowding often found in Spanish seaside towns. The Blue Flag beaches are superb, with fine golden sands and warm blue seas.

Salt lakes and castles

Salt Lake City it isn't, but close to Le Barcarès is an interesting feature of the landscape/seascapes found in this part of the French coastal strip. Known as an "Étang", these lakes form a watery barrier between sea and land, and are often referred to as an "inland sea". The lake here is called the Étang de Leucate, and it is a fascinating place to visit, with a rich variety of wildlife attracted to this unusual environment.

Historical past

Meanwhile the history of the region is ever present around the town, and for those in intrigued by the tragic story of the Cathars, there are many ancient castles and sites of interest to visit.

Nature's bounty

The area in which Le Barcarès is situated is certainly fortunate in its natural god given beauty, and also in the fruits of the land and sea which are found in such abundance. The seafood here is rightly famed, and there are many excellent restaurants in which to sample it. Try also the local Roussillon wines, as they have a distinctive and delicious flavour imparted by the hot summer sunshine and the herbs which grow wild in the sandy, flinty earth.

Sporting paradise

The combination of the warm, blue Mediterranean Sea and the dramatic snow-capped Pyrenean Mountains produces an amazing array of sporting possibilities. So whatever your pleasure you should be able to find it here. All the usual summer water sports are on offer, but don't forget that the town is close to some great ski resorts too, so winter can be as much fun as summer. The town does quieten down considerably in the winter, however, with many of the bars and restaurants closing. This can be a pain or a pleasure, depending on your point of view!

How to get there

The nearest airport is at Perpignan, which is a major city close to the resort. Perpignan has flights from the UK with Ryanair, flybe and bmibaby. There is also a TGV station at Perpignan, so train travel is another excellent way to reach Le Barcarès.

Property prices and availability in and around Le Barcarès

The resort of Le Barcarès is close to both Perpignan and the Mediterranean coast, so it has a high desirability factor which makes property quite expensive. Set against this, however, is the possibility of a high rental income should you wish to let the property out during times you are not using it. The majority of available properties are attractive modern low rise apartments.

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Le Barcarès AT A GLANCE

WHERE IS Le Barcarès?

Le Barcarès lies in the far south of France, in the north-east of the Pyrénées-Orientales department on the Mediterranean coast. It is close to the border with Aude yet also not far from the Spanish border.

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Population: 3,514

Access: By air: Fly into Perpignan with Ryanair, bmibaby or flybe. By rail: The TGV fast train will get you to neighbouring Perpignan.

Economy: The economy is essentially tourism based. Seafood and wine are also of considerable importance.

Interesting fact: The town is renowned for superb seafood, and there is even a festival in March of every year in celebration of the oyster.

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