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Thuir Property Listings and Info

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Between Med and mountains… a Spanish scented France

Between the Mediterranean Sea and the dramatic peaks of the Pyrénéan Mountains lies the attractive little town of Thuir. This is French Catalonia, a Spanish scented France, where Catalan traditions are upheld, and where the buildings, the cuisine and the music all bear witness to Catalan pride and history. The town is colourful and attractive with many interesting examples of Catalan architecture to see, and although it is not a particularly large place there is always plenty to do. The town has a number of fascinating traditional shops, and also supermarkets for your everyday requirements. There are banks and schools, and a weekly market where fresh local produce is sold. The houses in Thuir are largely old stone built properties, a tribute to the artisans of the past.

Ramparts and museums

Those interested in the history of the town will enjoy seeing the remains of old ramparts and medieval buildings, and there are two museums in the town which are definitely worth visiting. One is the Museum of 'Nature et Chasse' which charts the distinctive flora and fauna of the area and the other is a museum of popular traditions.

Castles, caves and climbing

All around Thuir is some of the most intriguing countryside in France. The castles of the Cathar knights sit atop the hills, hinting at their dark and violent history, and crying out to be explored. There are hills and mountains to climb, and a myriad of sporting activities such as canyoning, rafting, caving and paragliding to try. In the summer you will find that Thuir is only a short drive from the blue Mediterranean Sea, and in winter the mountains offer some wonderful skiing. You can, of course, choose to simply sit and enjoy the sight of the vineyards which surround the town and which change shape and colour with the seasons, whilst sipping the finished product!

Traditional Catalan festivities

Thuir hosts several festivals throughout the year, these can be great events for those who are looking for traditional Catalan music and dance.

How to get there

Ryanair, the low cost airline, ensures that you can reach Thuir easily and inexpensively, as it has flights into Perpignan, Carcassonne and Girona airports. Rail travel is possible with the TGV from Paris taking you to Perpignan, and the town is also accessible by road, taking the Perpignan Sud exit from the Autoroute.

Property and prices in and around Thuir

Generally considered a desirable area to buy property, Roussillon is relatively expensive when compared with, for example, Limousin or certain parts of Brittany. It is, however, still cheaper than other parts of the Med, for example, the Côtes d'Azur, and also, interestingly, tends to be cheaper than its counterpart towns in Spanish Catalonia, on the other side of the border. Property types vary, ranging from beautiful traditional Mas farmhouses to little village houses and even modern villas.

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Thuir is located in the far south of France, lying slightly to the east in the department of Pyrénées-Orientales, equidistant from both the Spanish border and the coast.

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Population: 7,257

Access: By air: Ryanair fly into Girona, Perpignan and Carcassonne.By rail: Eurostar to Avignon, or TGV from Paris to Perpignan or Barcelona.By road: take the Perpignan-Sud exit from the Autoroute.

Economy: The economy of Thuir is based on agriculture, particularly on wine production. The town is the home of the highly regarded aperitif "Byrrh". There are 400 businesses registered at the town's Mairie, but most of these are small concerns.

Interesting fact: As well as being famous for the aperitif "Byrrh", Thuir is also home to the once very popular drinks Dubonnet and Cinzano. Rediscover their distinctive flavours here in Thuir!

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