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Historic Bellac

Bellac, located in the Limousin, is a small town with a little over 5000 inhabitants and overlooks a valley through which the Vincou River flows. It has narrow cobbled streets and a number of well preserved buildings dating back centuries, which give Bellac a very unique character.

An unspoilt location

The church of Our Lady sits on the highest point in the town and can be seen from far around. Below it, look out for the town hall, first built in the 16th Century, and the stone bridge from the 13th Century. The region has very little heavy industry, meaning that the air is cleaner and the countryside is largely unspoilt.

Bellac's Cultural and Sporting Attractions

Blessed with such wide-open country in its midst, it's no wonder the locals have taken to outdoor sports with enthusiasm. Tennis and fishing are the most popular if you want to stay dry, but, being a riverside town, you will find a large variety of watersports to keep you occupied. Bellac is also a popular place with theatre-goers. The theatre is most active during July when the annual Bellac festival takes place in honour of its most famous inhabitant, Jean Giraudoux.

Poetic praise

Giraudoux, the celebrated novelist, poet and playwright who wielded much influence in the literary and even political world, was always fond of his hometown. The surrounding countryside was even incorporated into his work. He describes Bellac as 'a countryside of streams and hills, a patchwork of fields and chestnut woods for it was a land with a long history in the region of Limousin'.

How to get there

The best way of getting to Bellac would be via Limoges or Poitiers. Both have airports and good TGV train services.

Bellac property prices

Property in Bellac, like much of Limousin, is usually very good value for money. We currently have a number of properties in and around the town, many priced at under EUR 100,000.

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WHERE IS Bellac?

In the north west corner of the Haute-Vienne department, in the region of the Limousin.

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Population: 5,000

Access: Nearby Limoges can be accessed by both train and plane from the UK.

Economy: Tourism is starting to make up a sizeable portion of the town's income.

Interesting fact: Birthplace of Jean Giraudoux.


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