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The porcelain capital

The Haute-Vienne is a largely agricultural department located in central France. It is divided into two by the Vienne River, which runs from east to west. In the middle it splits into another river, the Isle, which runs into the bordering department of the Dordogne. The highest point is to be found in the southeast at 2549 ft. The principle industry is porcelain, most of which is manufactured in the departmental capital, Limoges.

Cruising the department

A gentle drive through the department is the best way of taking in the subtle landscape and hidden towns that dot the area. The most memorable is likely to be Oradour sur Glane, whose devastated remains have been left as a reminder of World War 2.

Beaches in central France?

Make sure you visit the stunning Lake of Vassivière. This man made lake covering 1100 hectares was created in 1950 and has generated its own tourist industry ever since. There are a large number of watersports catered for, whilst bathers can relax on the beaches.

A progressive force

Limoges has long been synonymous with luxury. In the 12th century the city produced fine enamel work, which was eagerly bought up by the rich across Western Europe. Today it still exports a large number of exquisite goods. At the turn of the century the industry leaders who made their fortune selling these luxury products were given a sharp wake up call when their left-wing workers organised themselves into workers' unions. The town is now home to the Confederation Générale du Travail, France's most powerful trade union.

An active cultural scene

Limoges has a lively university and a thriving nightlife to go with it. If you are around in July and August you can visit The Porcelain Exhibition, while in September and October you can watch the Festival des Francophonies - packed with lectures, concerts and drama productions.

A sporting town

Bellac is a small town with just 5000 inhabitants. It is situated next to the Lake St-Pardoux, which means that there are a large number of water sports on offer. Tennis and fishing are the most popular activities on land, but being a lakeside town, you'll find a large variety of watersports on offer as well. Theatre-goers will also be satisfied. Every June and July, the Festival Bellac is held to celebrate the town's most famous inhabitant, the poet Giraudoux.

How to get there

The Limoges-Bellegarde airport is 10km from the departmental capital and has direct flights to and from the UK. Its railway station, an architectural attraction itself, operates an efficient TGV service to and from Paris.

Haute-Vienne property prices

The Haute Vienne department offers some of the best bargains in France. Limoges is one of the cheapest cities, although it is not particularly known for its British buyers and mainly caters for the French market.

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Haute-Vienne AT A GLANCE

WHERE IS Haute-Vienne?

The Haute-Vienne is located to the west of the Limousin region of central France.

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