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On the banks of the tranquil Vienne

The town of Aixe-sur-Vienne is situated in an idyllic location on the banks of the lovely River Vienne, and the tranquil flow of the river sets the scene for the pace of life in this attractive town. Aixe-sur-Vienne is set in a most green and unspoiled region of France, and if your idea of heaven is to avoid the over populated, touristy spots and find your own little piece of France, you could do worse than take a look at Aixe. The town is perhaps unremarkable in terms of spectacular architecture, but what it may lack in grandeur it makes up for in rustic charm. There are, however, some lovely old buildings in the town and a real sense of its history.

Lots to enjoy

There are a host of good shops, cafés and restaurants to enjoy in Aixe-sur-Vienne, and plenty of opportunities to try the local delicacies which include beef (from the famous Limousin cattle), locally grown chestnuts (from the beautiful woodland which surrounds the area), and perhaps some delicious cepes, which are a kind of strong flavoured wild mushroom which grow in abundance around Aixe-sur-Vienne.

Aixe-sur-Vienne's Friday market

Market day is Friday, and there is a fair held on every first Friday of the month. As ever with rural French towns, market day is the day that the town comes to life, with the townsfolk all turning out early to catch the freshest and best of the produce on offer. Don't lie in bed on market day!

Limoges porcelain

One place you must not miss here is the factory shop selling the world famous Limoges porcelain. Here is a really unique opportunity to buy this lovely porcelain from its heartland, at bargain prices.

Out and about near Aixe-sur-Vienne

The countryside around Aixe-sur-Vienne is gentle, green and beautiful. Lush Arcadian fields stretch as far as the eye can see, dotted with peacefully grazing pretty brown cattle for which the Limousin region is so well known. There is woodland too, with trees of sweet chestnut and oak, around whose roots you may be lucky enough to find some 'Black Gold' or truffles. This beautiful landscape lends itself well to many activities, and you will find no shortage of things to do. There are no less than four equestrian centres within reach of the town, so if you are a keen horse rider, or if you have ever fancied trying the sport, this is the place for you. Fishermen will be in paradise here, for the river offers excellent fishing, as well as providing glorious walking routes. Golf is available nearby, as are a myriad of other activities.

How to get there

Getting to Aixe-sur-Vienne is simple, as you can fly from Stansted Airport to Limoges with budget airline Ryanair. If you prefer to drive, take the A71-A20 road to Limoges then head for Aixe on the RN21.

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Aixe-sur-Vienne AT A GLANCE

WHERE IS Aixe-sur-Vienne?

Aixe-sur-Vienne is located in central France in the Limousin region, lying just to the south-west of the centre of the department of Haute-Vienne.

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Population: 6,000

Access: By air: Fly to Limoges with Ryanair from Stansted. By road: Take the A71-A20 to Limoges.

Economy: Agriculture and porcelain.

Interesting fact: There is a good sized factory shop selling the world famous Limoges porcelain, so a stay in Aixe-sur-Vienne is an ideal opportunity to treat yourself!


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