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Bussière Galant Property Listings and Info

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Bussière Galant - an unspoiled country village

Bussière Galant is a lovely and quite unspoiled village that lies in southern central France, among the green fields, calm lakes and beautiful rivers of the Limousin. Bussière Galant is well equipped with all basic amenities, but it is also conveniently accessible as it has a railway station linking it to larger towns such as Limoges.

Shops and restaurants in Bussière Galant

The village of Bussière Galant is charming and pretty, with its old streets and houses, a good collection of small shops and bars, and even two or three restaurants where you can settle down for a long lunch... á la Française!

Mushroom know how...

It is said that any pharmacist in France will be able to tell you the species and edibility of any fungus you can find in the fields and hedgerows... but if you want to learn the ins and outs of fungus foraging them make sure you are in Bussière Galant on the second Sunday in October, when there is a mushroom festival. Experts will show you edible varieties of fungi, and will point out those that are dangerous at the same time... increasing both your enjoyment and safety!

Bussière Galant and its velo rail

Bussière Galant is an absolute paradise for those who love being out of doors. There are some brilliant family activities based in or around the village, one of the most intriguing being the velo rail... a sort of double bicycle that works by pedalling and runs along a railway line... a great way to discover the surrounding countryside and to exercise as well!! The velo rail seats four, so it's a family friendly too!

An outdoors paradise

The region is also known for its leisure lakes, whose safe calm waters and sandy beaches are perfect for family days out, and its wider spectrum of sporting opportunities. These range from rock climbing and abseiling to archery, golf and horse-riding, through to paragliding and petanque!

How to get there

The village has a railway station that links it to larger towns and cities, so it is very accessible. The airport of Limoges which is served by Ryanair and flybe, is near enough (about 20 minutes drive) to be very convenient too, and when the new airport at Brive la Gaillard opens, there will be even more choice for travel to and from the UK!

Property prices and availability in and around Bussière Galant

In general, the Limousin is a very affordable area of France, and with its beauty and tranquillity it is certainly worth viewing. A village such as Bussière Galant, unspoiled and rural yet with its own facilities and great transport links, makes a perfect base for those seeking to make a life in rural France, or those wishing to establish a tranquil bolt hole for blissful holidays.

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Bussière Galant AT A GLANCE

WHERE IS Bussière Galant?

Bussière Galant is located in the south-west of central France. It lies in the south-west of the Haute-Vienne department, close to the border with Aquitaine.

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Population: 1,426

Access: By air: Fly to Limoges. The new airport due to open at Brive la Gaillard will also be useful. By rail: The TGV will take you to Limoges from Paris. Bussière Galant has its own railway station.

Economy: The economy is agricultural.

Interesting fact: The village has a "velo rail"... a kind of double bicycle pedalled along a railway... a great and unique way of both exercising and sightseeing all at once!

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