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Droux - a home from home in the French countryside

The little village of Droux, set in the heart of the rural Limousin, is a shining example of "entente cordiale", as it has at the centre of its social life a bar/restaurant, French in character yet offering a mix of the best of British and French food as well as other popular cuisines such as Indian curries! Both French and English clientele frequent the restaurant and the English couple who run it would have it no other way.

Enjoy evenings in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere

The bar/restaurant is an obvious attraction, especially for those thinking of moving to France for the first time and who are wondering just how difficult it might be to get used to a whole new way of life. As much as we want to integrate, to become "French", it can come as a welcome relief to be able to speak in your native tongue, at least some of the time! The establishment is more than just a British enclave, however, as it is patronised by as many French as British, and provides a relaxed and friendly atmosphere in which to get to know your Gallic neighbours. Regular music and themed nights are a really good way to make new friends and to integrate into village life.

Shop in the village, with more amenities in nearby Bellac

Of course, there is more to life in Droux than just the restaurant. The village is small, not much more than a hamlet really, but it has a village shop and is set just a few minutes down the road from the larger town of Bellac which offers many more shops and services.

Enjoy the countryside

The Haute-Vienne is packed with attractions for old and young, and for all tastes and interests. The lovely countryside is dotted with woods, lakes and walking trails, offering the possibility to go hiking, horse-riding or cycling, to enjoy a day's fishing, to swim or sail in summer and to generally be outdoors and to discover a rural lifestyle that is all but forgotten in busy Britain.

Visit castles and churches

Rural though it is in the main, the department also has some fascinating towns and other built heritage. The main city of the region, Limoges, is full of interesting buildings and culture, while smaller market towns have a wealth of pretty, traditional streets and houses to see. Visit too, the castles at Châlus and Montbrun, or the abbey churches of Soulignac and Châteauponsac. The neighbouring department of the Dordogne is almost on the doorstep, offering even more variety of attractions to discover.

How to get there

The airport and train station of Limoges make it readily accessible from the UK, thanks to Ryanair, Flybe and the efficient TGV rail services that operate to and from this city. Drivers can also find the village easily from the N145 Route Nationale (toll free motorway), on the D25. The nearest auto route is the A20.

Property prices and availability in and around Droux

Droux and its environs are great places to find property for more reasons than simply the attractions of the village and the countryside. Prices around here are really low, giving an opportunity to make that French dream a reality. Currently (November 2011), the market has several properties for around the 100,000 Euro mark, and even a lovely ready to live in home for 72,200 Euros!

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Droux is situated in central France. It lies in the north of the Haute-Vienne department.

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Population: 418

Access: By air: Fly to Limoges. By rail: The TGV takes you to Limoges. By road: If driving, the village is located from the N145 Route Nationale on the D25.

Economy: The economy is mainly agricultural.

Interesting fact: Droux has an excellent British-run bar/restaurant that even caters for vegetarians!


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