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Lussac les Eglises - pretty and full of character

Lussac les Eglises is a pretty little village that lies in the rolling green countryside of the Haute-Vienne department of the Limousin region. With a population of just around 500 people, the village is little more than a hamlet, but it has plenty of character and is a delightful base for further exploration of the region.

Village of churches

The village was named for the fact that it originally had two churches, unusual perhaps for such a tiny place, but unfortunately there is only one of these churches now standing. If we were to rename the village now, it should perhaps be called Lussac l'Eglise. The one remaining church is worth a look, being medieval and typical of its time.

Amenities on offer

There is a lovely central square to the village, and although it may not have the facilities of a large town, Lussac offers a very useful selection of shops. These include a bakery, butcher's, hairdresser's, post office, garage, pharmacy, library and a couple of bar-restaurants. It also has a tennis court, as well as football and petanque pitches, with fishing possible in either of the two rivers that flow nearby, the Benaize and the Asse. The village is known for its chateaux too: Château Lussac and the Château Voselle.

Explore the Brienne National Park

The rolling Limousin countryside is perfect for enjoying the outdoor pursuits of walking, cycling, horse-riding and swimming, and there are plenty of opportunities locally to enjoy these and other activities. The beautiful Brienne National Park is on the doorstep, and here you will find a wealth of undisturbed wildlife.

Treat yourself with some porcelain from Limoges

The capital city of Limoges should be explored fully, as in addition to its great facilities for shopping and dining you can visit the porcelain shops and treat yourself not only to a piece of superb porcelain, but also to a piece of French history.

How to get there

Limoges airport offers direct flights from the UK, as does Poitiers, so flying is definitely an option. The fast train, the super fast and efficient TGV will also take you to the regional capital of Limoges. If driving, you will find Lussac les Eglises on the D912/D7 roads, the A20 being the nearest major road.

Property prices and availability in and around Lussac les Eglises

Lussac les Eglises and the surrounding areas offer a great opportunity to discover property at a fraction of the prices you might pay elsewhere in France, and there are still many good renovation prospects to be found too.

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Lussac les Eglises AT A GLANCE

WHERE IS Lussac les Eglises?

Lussac les Eglises is located to the west of central France, lying in the very north of the Haute-Vienne department, close to its region's border.

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Population: 520

Access: By air: Fly to Limoges or Poitiers. By rail: The TGV runs to Limoges. By road: The village is located on the D7/D912.

Economy: The economy is typically rural, based on local agriculture.

Interesting fact: Originally, Lussac les Eglises had two churches, hence the name, but now only one, the Church of Saint Martial remains.


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