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Oradour sur Glane - past and present

The town of Oradour sur Glane, which is found in the Haute-Vienne department of the Limousin region, is very much a town of two parts. The old village, one of the best known and most tragic war memorials in the country, was the scene of such terrible atrocities perpetrated by the Nazis in June 1944, that the ruined village has been preserved exactly as it was that day, as a memorial. The new town, built on an adjoining site after the end of the war, is now an attractive town with a thriving community who look to the future whilst not forgetting the past.

The new Oradour sur Glane

The new town of Oradour sits close to the memorial village in the gorgeous countryside of this part of the Limousin. The village is lively and friendly, welcoming the many visitors who come to pay their respects at the memorial, and offers excellent hospitality with a good selection of cafés, bars and restaurants. Oradour has all the necessary amenities, and although it is essentially a rural community, there are plenty of shops, schools and leisure activities to make a stay (or residence) in the town a pleasant and interesting experience.

Lovely Limousin countryside and fabulous food!

The tree-lined streets of Oradour's new town are clean and pretty and the weather usually warm and sunny in summer. Although the Limousin does experience a high rainfall in spring and autumn, this is considered a boon to the rural community as it keeps the land lush and green and the cattle well fed. It also helps to produce perhaps one of France's most celebrated gastronomies! Try not only the famous Limousin beef, but also the rich treats of Foie Gras, duck confits, special jams and preserved chestnuts, fruit confits... and why not treat yourself to some beautiful Limoges porcelain in which to serve all this food and really impress the guests!

Great lakes for leisure...

The landscapes of the Limousin are well known and loved, consisting of vast green meadows and pastures where pretty brown cattle peacefully graze. The area is also blessed with hundreds of lovely lakes, many of which are suitable for swimming, sailing, sunbathing around and generally enjoying as the natural leisure centres they are!

Other activities to be enjoyed in the area

Other activities on offer within easy reach of Oradour sur Glane include cycling, horse-riding, and the simplest, and perhaps the most pleasurable of all, walking. The "randonnées" in the countryside around Oradour sur Glane are stunningly beautiful and there is no better way to appreciate them than in this time honoured and leisurely fashion.

Places to go and things to see around Oradour sur Glane

You may not wish to dwell too much on the tragic events of the past, but it seems a crime to be in Oradour sur Glane and not take a moment to show your respect for those who suffered and died here by making a trip to the old village. As you enter the site, there is a sign that simply asks you to "Remember". The old buildings, burned with their inhabitants, stand as they were left, and it is a moving experience to be here in this eerily deserted place, where the folly of war is all too obvious. There are many more cheerful places to go in the region as well, though, so after paying your respects you could perhaps take a visit to the beautiful village of Mortemarte, the porcelain town of Saint Junien, or the capital of the region, Limoges.

How to get there

The airport of Limoges (Ryanair, flybe) is near enough to be very convenient, and when the new airport at Brive la Gaillard opens there will be even more choice for travel to and from the UK! The TGV also goes to Limoges, making train travel possible. Travelling by road, the town is found by taking the D9 after Limoges, then the D3. Driving from Calais will take around seven and a half hours.

Property prices and availability in and around Oradour sur Glane

In general, the Limousin is a very affordable area of France, although it is no longer as cheap used to be, due to its increasing popularity with British and other foreign buyers. There are all manner and grades of properties to be found here, from plots for building and tumbledown farm buildings for renovation, through to luxury country estates and dream houses at the more expensive end of the market! Oradour sur Glane does not want you to forget its past, but it also wishes the world to know that there is a lot more to it than the events of June 1944... come and see for yourself.

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Oradour sur Glane AT A GLANCE

WHERE IS Oradour sur Glane?

Oradour sur Glane is located in the west of France. It lies in the west of the Haute-Vienne department.

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Population: 2,025

Access: By air: Limoges airport is served by Ryanair and flybe. The new airport due to open at Brive la Gaillard will also be useful. By rail: The TGV will take you to Limoges from Paris.

Economy: The economy is agricultural and tourism is significant.

Interesting fact: The single word "Remember" greets visitors to the old village.

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