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Pierre Buffière Property Listings and Info

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Pierre Buffière - a charming Limousin town

The little town of Pierre Buffière is located in the green and rural department of the Haute-Vienne in the Limousin region of central France. It is a charming town which is typical of its region, situated beside a pretty little river, the River Briance. And with lots of trees adding interest and welcome shade, the white houses with their grey slate rooftops look fresh and cool in the summer sunshine, the whole presenting a very enticing picture.

A town of historical interest

There is a very lovely old 11th century church and abbey in Pierre Buffière, and quite a history to this and to many of the buildings in the town. The Tourist Office can point you in the right direction for a discovery tour of the town and the surrounding area.


Although Pierre Buffière is primarily known for its popularity with tourists, the little town remains quite unspoiled, and seems not to notice the hordes of campers and walkers who flock to enjoy its charms every summer. The upside of its popularity is, of course, that the town has learned to provide all shops and services to keep its visitors happy, and therefore residents benefit too! As well as shops, there are a number of good restaurants and cafés, so it is easy to relax and enjoy life in Pierre Buffière.

Out and about

The area around Pierre Buffière offers plenty of interesting places to see and lots and lots of outdoorsy sports to try. Keep fit by walking in the beautiful Limousin countryside, or try cycling, or perhaps horse-riding appeals? You don't even have to travel too far to find golf, which is becoming ever more popular in France. Fishing is another perfect diversion for anyone staying in or near Pierre Buffière, as the area abounds with lakes and rivers. If you have had enough of the countryside and fancy a bit of city life, then take a day out to spend in nearby Limoges, capital of the region. It's a lovely city with masses of culture and something of interest for everyone.

How to get there

You can fly to Limoges with Ryanair and flybe, and there is a new airport due to open at Brive la Gaillard which could also prove very useful. The TGV goes to nearby Angoulême. Travelling by road you should follow the A20 auto route.

Property prices and availability in and around Pierre Buffière

Property prices in the Haute-Vienne are by and large, very reasonable, and the town of Pierre Buffière currently offers some fantastic property bargains. If you are seeking that elusive perfect renovation project, then take a look at what Pierre Buffière can offer you!

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Pierre Buffière AT A GLANCE

WHERE IS Pierre Buffière?

Pierre Buffière is situated in south-west central France. It lies slightly to the south of the centre of the Haute-Vienne department.

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Population: 1,106

Access: By air: Ryanair and flybe offer direct flights to Limoges from the UK. A new airport is set to open at Brive la Gaillard. By rail: The TGV runs to Angoulême. By road: Pierre Buffière is accessed from the A20 auto route.

Economy: The economy is predominantly agricultural, with tourism also playing a major role.

Interesting fact: There is a very impressive viaduct at Pierre Buffière.

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