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Saint Bonnet de Bellac Property Listings and Info

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Saint Bonnet de Bellac - a peaceful Limousin village

The Limousin region. Home to swathes of unspoiled countryside, sleepy-eyed cattle, land of lakes and peaceful, picturesque villages. Villages where you can lose yourself in the slow rhythms of French rural life and completely escape the stresses and strains of daily life in the UK. Villages where the sun warms you in summer, and the rain paints the grass a vibrant emerald in winter. And just such a village is Saint Bonnet de Bellac. Small, with only 549 residents, the village has both heritage and a friendly atmosphere. Its rural calm air offers an appealing retreat, yet it lies close to many of the Limousin's best attractions.

Amenities found in Saint Bonnet de Bellac

Many of rural France's smaller villages have no shops or restaurants, but despite its diminutive size, Saint Bonnet de Bellac proudly offers both. OK, so you're not going to find large supermarkets in a village like this (they would spoil the tranquillity and charm anyway!) but the village does have a boulangerie where you can treat yourself to delicious baguettes and croissants, and a general store for the rest of life's little necessities. It's also got no less than two restaurants, one of which is English-owned and also serves duty as a tabac. For those days when you need to visit supermarkets and want a greater choice of restaurants and bars, Bellac, a gorgeous mediaeval market town, is just ten minutes away.

Heritage on offer

Saint Bonnet de Bellac can count many years of history, going right back to the early Middle Ages. Heritage of note includes the 15th century Château de Bagnac and the Chapel of Saint Martin. The natural heritage that surrounds the village is beautiful, with a very notable ancient oak tree being the star attraction.

Enjoy outdoor activities at Lac Saint Pardoux

Small and tranquil as village life may be, there's no shortage of attractions and activities nearby. For sports and leisure activities look no further than Lac Saint Pardoux, situated an easy drive from the village. Here you will find endless activities and places to relax in the sun and enjoy stunning scenery. Golfers can find a variety of courses not too far distant from Saint Bonnet de Bellac, while fishermen, walkers and horse riders will also be able to indulge in their favourite pastimes from a base in the village.

Explore Bellac's market, visit Oradour sur Glanes and discover Limoges

If browsing traditional French markets is more to your taste, neighbouring Bellac offers some of the best around, with market days being Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday. Exploring further afield might take you to the tragic memorial town of Oradour sur Glanes, scene of a Nazi war atrocity and preserved perfectly so that we can never forget what happened here in June 1944. Or, on a happier note, to the wonderful city of Limoges, packed with history and heritage and famed for its fabulous porcelain.

How to get there

The principal city of Limoges offers both an international airport with direct flights to and from the UK, and also an excellent railway station, making travel simple. Poitiers and Angoulême both have TGV stations, with Poitiers also having an airport with direct flights to/from the UK. If driving, and a car is necessary to get the best from this rural area, you'll find the village from the E62 road near to the N2147 motorway.

Property prices and availability in and around Saint Bonnet de Bellac

The Limousin is a fantastic place to buy property, as the region offers some of the best value for money in France. Although British and other foreign interest in buying in this area has increased in recent years, you can still pick up some pretty amazing bargains. Currently on the market are several properties priced at under 50,000 Euros. You won't find much for this sort of money in the UK, no indeed in most other parts of France!

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Saint Bonnet de Bellac AT A GLANCE

WHERE IS Saint Bonnet de Bellac?

Saint Bonnet de Bellac is found slightly to the south-west of central France. It's located in the north-west of the department of Haute-Vienne.

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Population: 549

Access: By air: Fly to Limoges or Poitiers direct from the UK. By rail: The TGV runs to Poitiers and Angoulême. By road: The town is accessed from the E62, near the N2147 motorway.

Economy: The economy is agricultural. Historically, the tanning industry was important.

Interesting fact: An unusual attraction of the village is its giant and ancient oak tree - something of a local "cause célèbre"!

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