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Verneuil sur Vienne Property Listings and Info

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Verneuil sur Vienne - a lively town in peaceful countryside

Verneuil sur Vienne is a well equipped and lively town that is located in the green and peaceful landscapes of the Limousin region of southern-central France. Located near Limousin's airport, with excellent travel links to the UK, the town lies amidst a nature lover's paradise of green pastures, woodlands, hills and lakes.

A rosy view of life

Verneuil sur Vienne is noted for its vineyards, which are able to produce an excellent rosé wine thanks to the richness of the earth and the micro climate enjoyed by the locality that is unusually warm for this part of France. Take a look at life through rosé-coloured glasses! The local cuisine is well worth discovering too, with a delicious selection of meat dishes including beef and duck among the specialities. There is a good restaurant in the town, so you can enjoy dining out without having to drive far.

Antiques for all

France is well known for its fabulous specialist markets, and Verneuil sur Vienne has its fair share of these, with specialist antiques markets where you can pick up a little piece of old France to embellish your new home in authentic style. It also has atmospheric Christmas markets to enjoy. The town offers a full range of all the usual shops and services as well. Of course, Limoges is nearby for those big city shopping trips.

Great lakes and outdoor leisure

Being set in lovely unspoiled countryside, Verneuil sur Vienne is an ideal spot for those who enjoy outdoor sports and all the wonders of the natural world. The lakes, such as the enormous Lac Vassivière, that are such a feature of the region, offer opportunities for many water sports as well as for fishing, and many are equipped with play areas for children and sports facilities such as tennis courts and boules areas. There is a very good equestrian centre near the town, and the quiet roads and gentle hills are perfect for walking or cycling.

Places to go... things to see...

One place you must see is the tragic town of Oradour sur Glane, a near neighbour of Verneuil sur Vienne. The scene of a terrible wartime massacre, the town remains today preserved exactly as it was at the time of the atrocity, and a single word, "Remember" greets visitors at the entrance. Meanwhile the capital city of Limoges is lovely, and has much to offer in terms of history and culture as well as the famous porcelain to see and to buy.

How to get there

The airport of Limoges (Ryanair, flybe) is conveniently near, and when the new airport at Brive la Gaillard opens there will be even more choice for travel to and from the UK. The TGV also goes to Limoges, making train travel possible. Road travellers can find the town from the N141.

Property prices and availability in and around Verneuil sur Vienne

The Limousin is a house hunter's dream with all kinds of properties, including many with land, lakes or for renovation, and at prices that are still considerably lower than in most of the country.

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Verneuil sur Vienne AT A GLANCE

WHERE IS Verneuil sur Vienne?

Verneuil sur Vienne is located in the south-west of central France. It lies in the centre of the Haute-Vienne department.

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Population: 3,521

Access: By air: Limoges airport is served by Ryanair and flybe. The new airport due to open at Brive la Gaillard will also be useful. By rail: The TGV will take you to Limoges from Paris. By road: Verneuil sur Vienne lies close to the N141.

Economy: The economy is mixed and includes porcelain production.

Interesting fact: Verneuil sur Vienne is notable for its excellent rosé wine.

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