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Looking to the past

The Meuse is a tranquil department whose gentle countryside was the site of France's most devastating losses during the First World War. Some of the most memorable poetry of modern times was written here during this period. The Meuse certainly makes for a poignant and unforgettable visit.

A modern capital

Bar-le-Duc, with just under 18,000 inhabitants, is the departmental capital. It is an attractive commercial centre with two canals passing through it. The Romanesque Church of Notre-Dame contains a number of great works of art including an extremely moving crucifixion scene. Make sure you also visit the chateau while you're here. It is now home to the Musée Barrois with its superb collection of archaeological finds.

A town that won't be forgotten

Verdun, in the north of the department, was the main stage for the horrors suffered by France during the First World War. Throughout France, the town came to symbolise and inspire the resistance movement.

Tourism to the rescue

However, there is little today to remind the visitor of this crucial role played by the town over 60 years ago. Nevertheless, tourism has helped to rejuvenate the area as people come to see the famous and inspiring sites. One site that you certainly should not miss is the Citadel Souterraine, which is now the main war museum. Underneath you'll find the tunnels in which thousands of soldiers took refuge. Finally, a hill in the centre of the town, topped by a charming cathedral incorporating a range of architectural styles, offers splendid views over the town and former battlefields.

Great for art and cake

The fortified town of Commercy is strategically located on the west bank of the River Meuse, towards the south of the department. It is known for its thriving metalwork industry and its production of delicious cakes called madeleines. No visit would be complete without tasting this local speciality. There is also a contemporary art competition held every year inside the chateau. This is well worth catching since this is also the only time each year that Commercy's magnificent horseshoe shaped castle is opened to the public.

How to get there

There are currently no airports within the department offering direct flights to/from the UK. You could fly to the Paris airports, and continue by rail or road from there. Or there is Basel/Mulhouse airport, which currently has easyJet flights operating to/from the UK. If you'd rather take your car, however, the best option would be to take a ferry to Dunkirk, Calais or Dieppe. The TGV services to eastern France should also be considered.

Meuse property prices

Property in the Meuse can be hard to find as the area remains largely untapped by the international market. However, the department is gradually growing in popularity as people discover the lush countryside and are attracted by the stable economy.

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Meuse is located in the west of the region of Lorraine.

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