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Nancy - a university city

The city of Nancy is the préfecture or capital city of the Meurthe-et-Moselle department in the north-east of France. It is a vibrant city with a buzzing cultural life, and a definite character which sets it apart. Nancy has a number of educational establishments including two universities, and students travel here from all over France to study medicine and pharmacy. The student population keeps the ambience of the city young and lively, and you can be assured of a lively social scene in Nancy!

Art Nouveau

Nancy is a treasure trove for lovers of Art Nouveau style, for the city boasts not only art galleries and museums dedicated to the school but also numerous superb examples of this style in the buildings themselves. Just walking around the city is as good as a trip to a museum, and there are many priceless treasures on display and all without an entrance fee!

About town

The places of interest to go and see in Nancy are numerous, and it depends on personal preference which you will enjoy most. Like many great cities in France, Nancy is best discovered at your own pace and often the best bits are found by accident rather than by design! However there are a few places which make a good starting point for most people.

Spectacular buildings, art, parks and gardens

These include the Place Stanislas, which is particularly spectacular viewed on a summer evening when the subtle lighting gives a glowing presence to the buildings and pretty fountains. The École de Nancy, which was formed to showcase art nouveau works by various artists, is also well worth a look. The parks and gardens of Nancy are especially attractive, and the botanical gardens in particular have a wonderful array of exotic and other species on show.

Discovering the hidden treasures

Nancy is something of a hidden treasure, in that many foreigners have no real knowledge of it at all. It remains, along with the lovely green countryside of the department as a whole, relatively undiscovered. The city has some truly wonderful corners to find, and if you are looking to shop, eat and drink in a place with real atmosphere then you could do worse than to head for La Grande Rue, an area full of curious antiques shops, art galleries, rare books and fantastic little bars and bistros.

Nancy's social scene

The social scene thrives in Nancy, and whatever your taste you should be able to find something to suit it here. There are nightclubs and bars a plenty, and a selection of restaurants and cuisines which would do any city proud. In October there is a marvellous jazz festival known as the Jazz Fête Nancy Jazz Pulsation... don't miss it if jazz is your bag!

Out and about

The department of the Meurthe-et-Moselle is a wonderful place for lovers of nature and outdoor sports. The department is known as the Green Lung of France, and there are nature trails, horse-riding tracks, swimming lakes, fishing rivers and all sorts of natural wonders to discover.

How to get there

You can fly to Reims or Strasbourg in order to access Nancy. Air Turquoise services Reims while Air France flies to Strasbourg. The TGV is another option, with a stop in the city itself making this a sensible choice. If you are travelling by road you can take the A4 auto route to reach the city. The nearest ferry ports are those of Dieppe, Calais and Dunkirk.

Property prices and availability in and around Nancy

Property prices in this area are rising... but they began the rise later than many better known areas of France, so if you like the sound of Nancy there is still time to get ahead of the game and find yourself a bargain. Fashionable areas of the city are more expensive than properties in the countryside some distance away. Property types range from elegant town houses to farm houses in the country and new build villas in the suburbs.

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Nancy is located in the north-east of France, in the centre of the Meurth-et-Moselle department of the Lorraine region.

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Population: 105,400

Access: By air: Fly to Reims or Strasbourg. By rail: The TGV from Paris travels to Nancy. By road: The A4 auto route will take you from Paris towards the city of Nancy. By boat: The nearest ferry ports are found at Dunkirk, Dieppe and Calais.

Economy: The economy is varied and thriving, with a blend of industry and commerce. The principal activities include research and higher education, particularly schools of medicine and pharmacy.

Interesting fact: Nancy shares the thistle emblem with Scotland. Its motto is also similar, and says: "No one touches me with impunity".


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