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Decazeville Property Listings and Info

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Decazeville - a rich industrial heritage

The town of Decazeville, situated to the south-west of France, is a mid-sized town with a rich industrial heritage, on which it built a reputation for coal mining and steel production. Once the site of the largest open cast coal mine in the country, Decazeville ceased its mining activities in 2001. It is still possible, however, to visit the site with a knowledgeable guide, and to learn about the massive mining industry and the way it influenced the life of the town.

An attractive and vibrant place to live

Despite its industrial image, however, the town today is an attractive and vibrant place to live, famed for its gastronomy and set in the glorious countryside of the Lot Valley.

Providing all amenities

Decazeville provides all the amenities you could hope for, and offers a great variety of shops, bars, restaurants and cultural entertainments. There is everything here from hairdressers to wine caves, from top notch restaurants with fancy food (but not so fancy prices!) to the take away pizza joints that keep the kids happy.

Guided tours, museums and markets in Decazeville

You can take guided tours of the town and the surrounding areas that include a visit to the largest open cast coal mining site in France, and there are geological and industrial museums to visit that trace the path of history. You can also follow the pilgrim trail which takes the faithful on their way to Santiago Compostela, which passes through the town. For a traditional pleasure that still has its place in most of French societies today, enjoy the colourful twice weekly street markets that the town hosts on Tuesdays and Fridays throughout the year.

Local specialities and culinary traditions

While in town you really should try the traditional local speciality of Decazeville, "esto finado". This dish, known as the "miners' favourite", is a dish of dried stock fish and garlic infused potatoes... and trust me, it is much tastier than it sounds! Decazeville is very proud of its culinary traditions, and these also include cheeses, meats, honey and a special cake that has to be cooked over an open fire... delicious!

Out and about

The Lot Valley is verdant and lovely, and is home to some of France's most beautiful villages to boot. The area is wonderful for hiking, camping, horse-riding and cycling, and there is some excellent fishing to be found in the vicinity, although you need to check if you need a licence for this. The "office de tourisme" will have this, and much more information to help you to get the best from Decazeville.

How to get there

There is a railway station in the town, so if you take the TGV to Figeac you can transfer to a local train to arrive at your destination. Air travel is another possibility, with the airport at Rodez very nearby, and the big airport at Toulouse also close enough to be useful. Rodez is served by Ryanair, and Toulouse by British Airways, easyJet, bmi, Jet2 and flybe.

Property prices and availability in and around Decazeville

Property in Decazeville is quite reasonably priced in general, and the town can be a good place to look if you like the Lot Valley area but your budget is tight. The countryside around Decazeville also offers some great renovation projects at very good prices.

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Decazeville AT A GLANCE

WHERE IS Decazeville?

Decazeville is located in the western south of France. It lies in the north-west of the Aveyron department, close to the border with the Lot, and the regional border with the Auvergne.

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Population: 6,805

Access: By air: Fly to Rodez with budget airline Ryanair, or to Toulouse with a variety of airlines. By rail: The TGV stops at Figeac which is within easy reach of Decazeville by local train or car.

Economy: The economy is both commercial and industrial, with coal mining and steel having been the traditional industries. (Mining here only ended in 2001.)

Interesting fact: For all its industrial heritage, Decazeville lies amidst some of the most beautiful countryside in France, in the Lot River valley.

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