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Entraygues sur Truyère Property Listings and Info

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Entraygues sur Truyère - a mediaeval village with commanding views

Every now and then one comes across a place that seems to have grabbed more than its fair share of good things. Entraygues sur Truyère, in the north of the Aveyron department of central France, is just such a village. Set on the confluence of two beautiful rivers, holding commanding views over a stunning and unspoilt countryside, and with a liberal sprinkling of striking mediaeval architecture and atmosphere, Entraygues sur Truyère is a gem. And it's surrounded by great places to visit and a vast array of activities to enjoy!

Well equipped village with colourful markets and cultural events

Entraygues sur Truyère has everything you could wish for within its own boundaries. All shops and services can be found here, which makes relaxing and enjoying your time in France so much easier. In addition to the selection of handy local shops, the village has cafés, restaurants and some wonderful farmers' markets where you can find fresh and tasty local produce. A programme of colourful cultural events takes place throughout the year too, with concerts, theatrical performances and general fun and games.

Sports on offer

Sports fans can find access to many activities in Entraygues sur Truyère. There's football, petanque, swimming, kayaking, gymnastics - and plenty more to choose from.

Heritage of Entraygues sur Truyère

This historic village is bursting with lovely mediaeval buildings. Of particular note are the Gothic Bridge and the stunning chateau. But there are many more fascinating buildings and elements of natural heritage to discover. One unusual feature of Entraygues sur Truyère is the Margabal mine, a rich source of the green Torbernite crystal.

Outdoor activities to enjoy

This lovely region, with its untamed countryside, hills, valleys and rivers, is a veritable outdoor playground. Whether you are a fan of the gentle pleasures of walking, fishing or sight seeing, or if you prefer to test your courage to the limit and go white water rafting, hang gliding or rock climbing, there will be a sport here for you. Several golf courses are also within easy reach.

How to get there

You may not have heard of Entraygues sur Truyère, but rest assured its easy to get to from the UK. The nearest airports are Rodez and Brive, while Toulouse is also an option. Toulouse has a TGV station, while nearby Aurillac has a railway station offering local services and links to main routes. Travelling by road is as ever, a pleasure in France. The village is found on the D107/D920 roads. The N122 and N88 non toll motorways are not far away.

Property prices and availability in and around Entraygues sur Truyère

With property prices ranging from just over 100,000 Euros to upwards of 300,000 Euros, there's a fair old choice when it comes to fitting a property to your budget here. You can be sure of great value for money too, with some rare and desirable character properties up for grabs.

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Entraygues sur Truyère AT A GLANCE

WHERE IS Entraygues sur Truyère?

Entraygues sur Truyère is set towards the south of central France. It's located in north of the Aveyron department, not far from Cantal.

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Population: 1,171

Access: By air: Fly to Rodez, Brive la Gaillarde or Toulouse, with direct flights from the UK. By rail: The nearest railway stations are found at Aurillac and Rodez. By road: The town lies on the D107/D920.

Economy: The economy includes commerce and agriculture (especially wine production).

Interesting fact: The name Entraygues sur Truyère comes from the ancient Occitan language of the region. It translates to "between two waters", which neatly sums up the village's location.

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