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Lévignac - a town with a rosy glow

Like its big sister, Toulouse, the town of Lévignac, which lies in the south-west of France, is built from the distinctive small pink bricks that give it a permanently rosy glow. Lévignac is set in the lovely rolling countryside so typical of the south-west, yet it also lies close to the densely wooded Forêt de Bouconne, offering a different natural environment to enjoy and explore. The town is friendly, attractive, and has most necessary resources.

Near neighbour of Toulouse

Being a close neighbour of France's third city, Toulouse, confers distinct advantages on Lévignac. The little town itself is perfectly able to answer all your basic needs, and rejoices in a good number of shops and cafés with a very welcoming restaurant and bar, but its proximity to the prefecture means that you will always be able to access the goods and services that only a large city can provide.

International School in Toulouse

If you are moving to France on a permanent basis and have children, education will be an issue that looms large on your agenda. Lévignac is a great place for this type of relocation, as there is an excellent International School at Toulouse, where children can study within the English system and not suffer too much disruption.

Lévignac's mediaeval covered marketplace

One of Lévignac's most attractive features is its fabulous mediaeval covered market, with a general market held every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. Make the most of this, as it really is a superb resource and a very enjoyable experience, allowing you to enjoy a slice of true French life as well as to purchase all the best of the local produce, fresh from the farms. Local specialities to look out for include Toulouse sausage, cassoulet (pre made and sold in traditional pots called "cassoles"), Foie Gras and other duck products.

Sports on offer

There are lots of places to visit within easy reach of Lévignac, and it is as easy to reach the ski slopes of the Pyrénées as it is to get to the beaches of the Med. Consequently there are a million and one sporting activities on offer, and these include horse-riding, swimming, fishing, tennis, mountain biking, skiing in season, football, rugby and many others.

Places to visit

There are many places of interest to visit, and it takes only around an hour to reach the mediaeval city of Carcassonne or you could take a trip down the tranquil and pretty Canal du Midi taking in the numerous historical villages along the way.

How to get there

If you prefer to fly, the International Airport of Toulouse, at Blagnac, is just over nine miles (or fifteen kilometres) distant. Toulouse is served by British Airways, bmibaby, bmi, easyJet and flybe. Should the train be your chosen method of transport, then this is also easy. The TGV runs to Toulouse, so you can make almost the entire journey by rail beginning with Eurostar to Paris, then changing to the TGV for Toulouse.

Property prices and availability in and around Lévignac

Toulouse is known as one of the most expensive cities in France for property prices, so if you are looking for a place close to Toulouse you may well be advised to consider a town such as Lévignac. It is near enough to Toulouse to make the city accessible, and to have the advantage of the airport at Blagnac for those essential trips back to the UK, or for visitors, yet it offers property at much more reasonable prices.

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Lévignac AT A GLANCE

WHERE IS Lévignac?

Lévignac is found in the south-west of France. It lies in the north-west of the Haute-Garonne department, not far from the border with Gers.

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Population: 1,624

Access: By air: The International Airport of Toulouse, at Blagnac, is not far away. By rail: The TGV runs to Toulouse, so you can make almost the entire journey by rail.

Economy: The economy is varied and thriving, with numerous businesses registered in the town.

Interesting fact: The townsfolk were able to view the early components for the ground breaking A380 aeroplane as they were shipped through the town en route to the Airbus headquarters at Blagnac.


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