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Montesquieu Volvestre - a lively bastide

Montesquieu Volvestre is a lively bastide town that is located in the south-west of France, in the Haute-Garonne department of the Midi-Pyrénées region. The town is situated on an historically important crossroads between Toulouse, Foix, Sat Gaudens and St Girons. Built on a loop of the Arize River in the 13th century by Count Raymond of Toulouse, the town was designed as a typical bastide, with a fortified church and city walls surrounding a central square and streets laid out in a carefully defined grid pattern.

Historical features

There are various important historical features of the town that are worth seeing, and among these are the fortified Church of St Victor with its distinctive tower. Also worth a look are the "moulins", or windmills, and the Château de Palays, a 14th century privately owned chateau classified as an historic monument.

Excellent amenities

The town has excellent amenities, and surpasses many a larger town in this respect. There are all the usual local shops, along with supermarkets, service industries and even a traditional street market held every Saturday morning where you can obtain not only all the best fresh local produce and specialities, but also the local gossip, as the market traders know everything that is happening in the region!

Wining and dining

Restaurants abound in the town, and very good many of them are as well, with menus expressing the local predilection for rich duck and pork dishes, backed up by superb wine lists offering the best of the local wines. The south-west is particularly notable for its red wines, which also tend to offer extremely good value for money.

Sports and leisure

The area around Montesquieu Volvestre is excellent for sporting activities. The ski resorts of the Pyrénées are just over an hour away by car, and the Mediterranean Sea is not that much further, with lakes, rivers and canals in between. The countryside is open and perfect for walking, cycling and horse-riding, and most towns have a number of sports clubs and facilities such as tennis courts, gyms and football pitches.

How to get there

Toulouse airport at Blagnac has direct flights from the UK every day, including flights with British Airways, easyJet, flybe, bmi, and Jet2. Toulouse, at just 50 kilometres away, also has the advantage of a TGV station, so you can travel by rail and change at Toulouse for local services or hire a car, which is probably the best way of getting around the Haute-Garonne. Drivers can find Montesquieu Volvestre from the A64 auto route.

Property prices and availability in and around Montesquieu Volvestre

The Haute-Garonne has recently become a very popular place to live, so property prices have risen accordingly. Montesquieu Volvestre is just far enough away from Toulouse to keep prices reasonable though, so it is a great place to look if you are seeking a bit of a bargain.

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Montesquieu Volvestre AT A GLANCE

WHERE IS Montesquieu Volvestre?

Montesquieu Volvestre is located in the south-west of France. It lies in the east of the Haute-Garonne department, close to the border with the Ariège department.

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Population: 2,314

Access: By air: Fly to the international airport of Toulouse at Blagnac. By road: Montesquieu Volvestre lies near the A64 auto route. By rail: There is a TGV station at Toulouse.

Economy: The economy is mixed, with a blend of commerce and agriculture evident.

Interesting fact: Montesquieu Volvestre occupies an historic crossroads position between Toulouse, Foix, St Gaudens and St Girons.

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