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Caussade Property Listings and Info

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Caussade - a lively market town

Caussade is a lively and thriving market town that lies in the Tarn-et-Garonne department in the south-west of France. Attractive and bustling, the town nevertheless retains a refreshingly unspoiled feel, and this is perhaps best experienced by going to the traditional street market that takes place every Monday. Caussade is located in beautiful countryside, with softly rolling hills, picturesque rivers and a great climate.

A really French market

The market is said to be one do the very best in the region, yet it is populated mainly by locals, by the French who live in the surrounding towns and villages rather than by tourists and visitors from afar. This has the effect of keeping the goods on offer authentic and almost exclusively locally produced, and the absence of tacky tourist gimmicks is highly appealing. The stall holders will expect you to try to speak French, though, so get that phrase book ready!

Well appointed town

The town is not particularly large, but it is well appointed and has good facilities. There are a number of shops, and there are also cafés and restaurants where you can sample the delicious cuisine of the south-west. Local wines are also very good. Perhaps one of the most delicious wines produced near Caussade is that deep, ruby red wine from Cahors, often known as the best kept wine secret of France. It makes a perfect accompaniment to the rich duck dishes that are so popular here.

Out and about

The Tarn-et-Garonne is set in an enviable location within France, being southerly enough to benefit from endless sunshine, yet not quite as packed to the rafters with tourists as the Riviera, which is almost too popular for its own good these days. There are endless sporting and cultural activities to enjoy, with canoeing on the rivers, sailing on the lakes, walking in the rolling hills... there is no excuse to be idle in Caussade.

Places to visit and fêtes to attend

The region has plenty of places to visit too, with historic towns and pretty villages, the great city of Toulouse, the dramatic gorges of the Tarn and beautiful countryside all around. On top of all that, Caussade is noted for hosting a number of colourful fêtes throughout the summer, so if you enjoy music, dancing and general revelry, don't miss out! The Tourist Office will be able to supply details of exactly what's on and when.

How to get there

The international airport of Toulouse offers many choices of airlines and flights from various departure points in the UK, and is within easy reach of the town. Airlines servicing Toulouse include British Airways, easyJet, bmi, Jet2 and flybe. Rodez and Bergerac are also within reach. Rodez is served by Ryanair, and Bergerac by Ryanair and flybe. The TGV provides another option for those who prefer to travel by rail, with stops at Toulouse and Agen. And as there is also a railway station at Caussade, it makes it perfectly possible to do the whole journey by rail should you wish to do so. Roads in the region are excellent, and the town lies beside the A20 auto route.

Property prices and availability in and around Caussade

Property in Caussade is reasonable, if not cheap. It is certainly possible to pick up a bargain in the town, even if you are no longer able to buy a mansion for a few thousand euros! Renovation projects still occasionally come onto the market.

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Caussade AT A GLANCE

WHERE IS Caussade?

Caussade is located in the south-west of France. It lies in the north-east of the Tarn-et-Garonne department.

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Population: 6,268

Access: By air: Fly to Toulouse, Rodez or Bergerac. By rail: Toulouse has a TGV station, as does Agen. Caussade itself has a railway station, making rail travel a great choice.By road: The A20 auto route runs beside the town.

Economy: The economy is based around the art of millinery. The market is also significant.

Interesting fact: The town is a famous centre for hat making. It is also noted for hosting a great number of lively fêtes in the summer season.

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