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Montaigu de Quercy Property Listings and Info

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Hilltop Quercy town

The town of Montaigu de Quercy, which sits proudly atop a hill in the Tarn-et-Garonne department of south-west France, is a typical Quercy market town. Its origins, which date from the twelfth century, lie in a castle built on the site by Raymond of Toulouse. There is a strong sense of history in Montaigu de Quercy, and the town is extremely attractive with pretty half-timbered houses, narrow, steeply rising streets and a colourful Saturday market. The views from the hilltop reveal a beautiful Tarn-et-Garonne landscape of rolling fields and lush vineyards, the whole coming together to present a lovely and very typical picture of south-west France.

Small town with good amenities

The town has only a small population, amounting to some 1,440 souls, but it nevertheless offers good basic amenities, with a supermarket, shops, post office, doctors and a restaurant. Day to day living, then, is largely taken care of within Montaigu de Quercy, but for those other requirements you will find there are plenty of larger towns nearby which will cater for all your needs. Toulouse itself, that lovely rose-coloured city, is only an hour or so away, and even closer are the towns of Cahors and Montauban.

A lake for sports and leisure

The town of Montaigu de Quercy has a beautiful and very large lake, which attracts people from all around the area to enjoy the great sporting facilities and lovely countryside. Whether you want to take out a pedal boat or a canoe, or whether you prefer to lie on the sandy beaches and lap up the sunshine and scenery, there is something here for you. There is even a restaurant too, for the ultimate in self indulgent, lazy days!

Other sporting opportunities available

Montaigu de Quercy offers plenty of sporting opportunities besides the lake, with golf, horse-riding, sailing, fishing, parachuting and quad biking all available nearby.

How to get there

Reaching Montaigu de Quercy is simple, as the town lies within easy reach of Toulouse, which offers both direct flights to and from the UK with several airlines (flybe, bmi, bmibaby, British Airways and easyJet) and also a TGV stop, meaning that you can link to a Eurostar train from London.

Property prices and availability in and around Montaigu de Quercy

The property market in the region as a whole has recently experienced some fairly steep prices rises, as property here becomes more and more sought after. It can still represent good value though, when compared with some regions of France, particularly in the south. Typical properties found here are lovely, stone-built Quercy farms, and these are still available… but when you see one, act quickly as they don't stay on the market long. Properties can be reasonably priced in the smaller towns such as Montaigu de Quercy, so if budget is an issue, steer clear of the large towns and take a look at places like this.

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Montaigu de Quercy AT A GLANCE

WHERE IS Montaigu de Quercy?

Montaigu de Quercy lies in south-west France, in the north-west of the Tarn-et-Garonne department and very close to its region's border with Aquitaine.

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Population: 1,440

Access: By air: Fly into Toulouse with a choice of several airlines and departure points from the UK. By rail: Toulouse has a TGV station which means that fast effective rail travel is available.

Economy: The economy is largely agricultural.

Interesting fact: The town grew up around a twelfth century castle built by Raymond of Toulouse.

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