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Cordes sur Ciel - a village in the sky

Cordes sur Ciel really lives up to its name. Set high above the countryside of the Tarn, and the River Cérou, it appears to float above the clouds, so high is its position. It's also stunningly beautiful. A classic bastide, the fortified town has retained all its mediaeval characteristics, with narrow cobbled streets, original architecture, timber-framed houses and imposing Gothic archways.

Bastide charm and heritage

Cordes sur Ciel is packed with all the charm of a true bastide town. Built in classic bastide fashion, with its narrow cobbled streets radiating out from a central square, Cordes possesses beauty and heritage. Many of its houses are Gothic, and embellished with intricate sculptures. The Halle, the centre of activity for market traders from times past to the present day, dates back to the 14th century. Colourful markets are held around here every Saturday morning, offering a chance to treat yourself to the best and freshest of local produce from this heavily agricultural region. Surrounding the Halle and the square are all manner of intriguing art and craft shops, reflecting the long tradition of the arts in this village. The old walls of this fortified town also provide a wealth of interest for the visitor. There are several old gateways from the 13th and 14th centuries found in the walls, and the Porte de l'Horloge also has an original clock tower to see.

Discover the museums in Cordes - including the Museum of the Art of Confectionary

Lovers of history can enjoy visiting Cordes' museums, and one which is sure to delight the sweet toothed among you is the Musée du l'Art du Sucre, or the Museum of the Art of confectionary!

Shopping and dining in Cordes sur Ciel

Besides its many craft shops, Cordes is equipped with plenty of shops for everyday needs such as groceries and baked goods. Being popular with tourists, the town also offers a great choice of delightful restaurants. Many of the restaurants are set around the central area, but some of the little side streets hold hidden surprises too, so take a good look around before deciding where to dine.

Explore beautiful Saint Antonin Noble Val and shop to your heart's content in Toulouse

If you tire of sightseeing and simply enjoying this glorious little town (though it may take some time!), there are endless interesting places to visit nearby. Saint Antonin Noble Val is considered to be one of the most beautiful towns in France, and a day spent exploring there is never a day wasted. The great rose-coloured city Toulouse is another must see place. Packed with heritage and culture, this lovely city is also a heaven for shoppers, and has a multitude of excellent restaurants reflecting its varied ethnic populations.

Enjoy a plethora of sporting activities

The Tarn is mainly a rural area, so you will find lots of stunning walking trails, opportunities to enjoy horse-riding, fishing, canoeing and other outdoor sports. Golfers will be in their element too, as there are four good courses within easy reach of Cordes.

How to get there

Toulouse, with its large international airport, provides an easy way to reach the area. Rodez airport is another option. Toulouse also has a major TGV station. Trains also run to Montauban, which is closer to Cordes sur Ciel. Drivers can find Cordes on the D600, with the nearest major roads being the A68 and N88.

Property prices and availability in and around Cordes sur Ciel

Property in and around Cordes may be cheaper than you imagine. Yes, the town is highly desired by property seekers due to its unique character and charm, but it's currently possible to find a lovely and fully habitable property within a few minutes of Cordes for not much more than 150,000 Euros. Higher up the scale you could find a gorgeous farmhouse near to the town and pay less than 250,000 Euros. As the town is beloved of holidaymakers, there is always a strong rental market too. So a property near to Cordes could well help to finance itself.

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Cordes sur Ciel AT A GLANCE

WHERE IS Cordes sur Ciel?

Cordes sur Ciel lies in southern France. It's located in the north of the department of the Tarn.

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Population: 1,014

Access: By air: Fly to Toulouse or Rodez. By rail: You can travel to Montauban and Toulouse by TGV from Paris. By road: The town is accessed from the D600. The nearest major roads are the A68 and N88.

Economy: The economy includes agriculture, tourism and small commerce.

Interesting fact: Cordes sur Ciel is considered to be one of the earliest examples of a bastide town in southern France.


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