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Gaillac Property Listings and Info

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Surrounded by beautiful countryside

The town of Gaillac is situated in the Tarn department of south-west France. Gaillac is surrounded by beautiful and varied landscapes, ranging from the hectares of vineyards which are the lifeblood of the town, to the dramatic gorges of the Tarn Valley, and the mountains beyond.

An ancient town

It is also an ancient town which has survived a turbulent history and lived to tell the tale. Situated close to Albi, Gaillac was caught up in the Albigensian crusades, and also in the Hundred Years War, but the town survived the ravages of these attacks, and has retained some beautiful original buildings, whose ancient bricks glow with a multitude of colours in the rich southern sunshine.

Gaillac's Benedictine abbey

The Benedictine abbey of St Michel casts a benign eye over the town, and gazes down onto the lazy flow of the Tarn River, lying at the foot of Gaillac.

Ancient and modern

Gaillac is a town where the old mixes happily with the new, creating a typically southern ambience. The buildings and the setting all call to mind the centuries of history which have shaped the town, but the amenities speak of a modern day life being lived happily by both the residents and the tourists, for whom the town makes a popular base for exploring the south-west of France. Gaillac offers shops, banks, cafés, restaurants, schools, doctors and all the other necessities for a comfortable 21st century life.

The wonderful wines of Gaillac

When in Gaillac… you must drink the wines! The town is famed for its delicious wines, whose drinkability makes friends of wine drinkers around the globe. Both reds and whites are equally good, so it is purely a matter of menu… or personal preference. There is an excellent wine cave in the town, where you can take a plastic bottle and fill it from one of the old oak barrels, to get a really authentic taste of Gaillac. You could also visit the Museum of the Wine Trade, which gives a fascinating insight into the story of Gaillac and its wines.

Further afield

If you want to travel a little further afield… and you really should, as there is so much to see and do in the region, you might like to pay a visit to the great city of Toulouse, or to nearby Albi to marvel at the fabulous cathedral. Then there is Foucaud Castle, whose fine arts museum will while away an hour or two, and whose glorious gardens have manicured lawns and water features to make Charlie Dimmock jealous!

For the sporty

The Tarn offers almost all sports you can name, all within easy reach of Gaillac. The dramatic gorges are a favourite place for adrenaline junkies, with canyoning, white water rafting and rock climbing, whereas the more sedate but ever popular sport of golf is thriving in the area, with no less than four good courses close by.

How to get there

Getting to Gaillac is simple. Toulouse airport offers direct flights to and from the UK with easyJet, Air France, British Airways, bmibaby and bmi. These leave from airports all around the UK, and vary from flagship services to budget flights, so there should be something for all. Train travel is another possibility, and again the city of Toulouse is the key. Eurostar will take you to Paris, from where you can catch a TGV to Toulouse. By road, Gaillac is easily found from the A68 autoroute.

Property prices and availability in and around Gaillac

Property in the Tarn can vary considerably in price, with the most expensive properties to be found close to Toulouse. Gaillac's properties lie somewhere in the middle, they are usually not as expensive as Toulouse, but are pricier than some of the more remote areas. It is, however, a wonderful place to live, with the whole of the beautiful south-west of France laid out before you.

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WHERE IS Gaillac?

The town of Gaillac is found in south-west France, in the middle of the plain of the Tarn, slightly in the west of the Tarn department.

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Population: 11,000

Access: By air: Fly to Toulouse with a variety of airlines direct from the UK. By rail: Take Eurostar to Paris, change to a TGV for Toulouse. By road: The town is accessed from the A68 autoroute.

Economy: Wine is the basis of the thriving economy in Gaillac.

Interesting fact: The Gaillac vineyards are thought to be some of the oldest in France.

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