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Auchy lès Hesdin Property Listings and Info

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Auchy lès Hesdin - graced by an Abbey

The little market town of Auchy lès Hesdin is marked out for glory by the important Abbey, an historic monument which graces it. With a history that includes battles for religious dominance, this unassuming little town is easily accessed from the UK, being just one hour away from Calais, and is ideally located for enjoying the historic sights and lively beach resorts of France's north.

Enjoy the Saturday market

Village life includes the essential French experience of a traditional, open air market, held every Saturday morning, and also brings the pleasures of occasional Broccantes, or antiques markets, great for hunting out those little objects that reflect the history of the region and give your French home that authentic look and ambience. Auchy lès Hesdin has local shops and a supermarket, but there are larger shopping facilities in the town of Hesdin, just five minutes up the road. There's also a bar, and a tabac/restaurant that has a wonderful atmosphere, with music, a huge fire in winter and excellent home cooked food.

Visit the Abbey and don't miss the weir

Auchy lès Hesdin's beautiful and historically important Abbey dates to the 12th century and is well worth visiting. The town's other most impressive sight is the spectacular weir which makes quite a splash on the River Ternoise, a tributary of the Canche River that runs beside the town.

Out and about

The Pas de Calais is too often overlooked by tourists, who arrive in Calais and rush to reach destinations further south. The department and indeed, the region, have much to commend it, and Auchy lès Hesdin makes a good base for getting out and about to discover the attractions. There are many interesting world war towns and locations such as the beaches of Dunkerque, elegant and chic seaside resorts like Le Touquet, and fabulous port towns with bags of character and enviable shopping, such as Boulogne and Calais. There are areas of extreme natural beauty too, with the Canche Valley, home of Auchy lès Hesdin, being a prime example.

Golf and horse-riding are popular here

There are also endless activities to enjoy in this locality. Golf courses have long been a feature of the region, with the famous course of Le Touquet heading the list. Horse-riding is another pastime very close to the hearts of the people of the Pas de Calais. Sea sports are, of course, popular at the coast, while all over the department you will find free tennis courts, good fishing, lake and river swimming and canoeing and more.

How to get there

Probably the best way to get to the village is to take your car and head for either the train or the ferry, as both arrive in Calais and leave you with just a short drive to reach Auchy lès Hesdin. The town lies between the A16 and A26, near the D94 road. Should you prefer to fly, the nearest airport is Le Touquet which is served by Sky South, while Paris Beauvais Airport, north of Paris, is also an option, being served by Ryanair.

Property prices and availability in and around Auchy lès Hesdin

As long as you stay away from the very expensive Le Touquet and similarly deeply popular towns, the Pas de Calais can offer some excellent property bargains. Properties around Auchy lès Hesdin at the time of writing include a good range of properties and prices, with renovation projects priced at well under 100,000 euros.

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Auchy lès Hesdin AT A GLANCE

WHERE IS Auchy lès Hesdin?

Auchy lès Hesdin is located in the north of France, slightly to the south-west of the centre of the Pas de Calais department.

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Population: 1,760

Access: By air: Fly to Paris Beauvais or Le Touquet. By ferry: The port of Calais is just an hour's drive from the town. By road: The town lies near the D94, between the A16 and A26 auto routes.

Economy: The economy is essentially rural and "small town", with the weekly market of importance.

Interesting fact: Auchy lès Hesdin was once called Auchy les Moines.

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