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Aubervilliers Property Listings and Info

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Aubervilliers - affordable Paris

Aubervilliers, which is a densely populated commune that lies just to the north-east of the French capital city of Paris, is not, perhaps, the first place you would consider when seeking a home in France. It has, in the past, been known as a high crime area, thanks in part, perhaps, to its programme of HLM housing, and unsettled immigrant population. But the area is now officially "on the up" and may just provide an affordable and realistic option to buying an expensive property in the capital. It could prove to be a good investment too!

Great access to Paris

OK, you won't be buying property in Aubervilliers for the beautiful scenery, but what you will get is fantastic access to the sites, sounds and scents of Paris, the most romantic and exciting city in the world. (Allegedly!) With direct Metro links to the airports and all parts of the capital, Aubervilliers is perfectly placed for enjoying and exploring Paris, and near enough for commuting as well.

Up and coming?

Aubervilliers is showing signs of regeneration and economic resurgence. Close by there is the distinctive (sports fans may say "stirring"!) sight of the great Stade de France, built here for the 1988 world football cup, which forms a sure sign of an investment and faith in the future of the area.

Amenities in Aubervilliers

With Paris so close, you could say: "Who cares if there are shops and restaurants in Aubervilliers when you have the bright lights of the Champs Elysée and some of the best Michelin starred restaurants in the world on your doorstep?" Rest assured, though, if you can't be bothered to go into Paris, there is everything you will need available locally too. There is a good choice of shops and restaurants, with ethnic cuisines available, and all somewhat cheaper than you will find "up the road" too!

And for sports fans?

Well, for spectating, there is the fabulous Stade de France... but if you are talking about getting active yourself there is plenty for you too. Aubervilliers has various associations you can join to play football, rugby, tennis etc. and the area is well supplied with gyms and leisure centres.

How to get there

This one couldn't be easier to get to from the UK, as you can fly into Paris Charles de Gaulle with a number of airlines and from departure points all around the UK, and hop onto a Metro to find yourself in Aubervilliers in no time. Paris Charles de Gaulle is served by Air France, British Airways, bmi, bmibaby, flybe, easyJet, Jet2, Thomsonfly and Aer Lingus. Then of course there is Eurostar, which will take you straight into Paris Nord from where you can get an onward Metro connection to Aubervilliers.

Property prices and availability in and around Aubervilliers

Aubervilliers property is definitely cheaper than in any of the other areas close to Paris. Quality property can be hard to find here, but there are some excellent propositions on the market at the moment, and if inexpensive apartments with easy access to the capital appeal to you, this could be an interesting time to make that purchase.

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Aubervilliers AT A GLANCE

WHERE IS Aubervilliers?

Aubervilliers is situated to the north-east of Paris, in northern France.

Aubervilliers Property Map


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Population: 72,000

Access: By air: Fly to Paris Charles de Gaulle and take the metro directly to the town. By rail: The town is easily accessed by the Metro system from any major station.

Economy: The economy is mixed, with all manner of trades and industries present. The economy is beginning to look up now after years of troubles.

Interesting fact: Aubervilliers is said to be "one of the most densely populated communities in Europe". (Wikipedia, 2008.)

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