How to Pay for your Advert

We accept payments by cheque and credit / debit card. For more details see below:




  • UK cheques in pounds sterling £ accepted.
  • French cheques in Euros accepted.
  • Creation of advert will start when cheque is received and processed.
  • Paying by Credit card / Debit card is quicker if you are in a hurry to get advert published.
  • To pay by cheque: Place your advert using this link. After entering your details the screen will tell you your reference number and where to send the cheque. It's a good idea to write your reference on the back of the cheque before you send it.
  • Payment from credit card accepted regardless of currency or country of origin.
  • Advert is created as soon as payment is processed.
  • If you are in a hurry this is the quickest way to get your advert published.
  • To pay by credit / debit card: Place your advert using this link. You will be given a reference and transferred to a third party payment provider called Worldpay. You will be asked to enter your card details into their secure site. Worldpay will inform us as soon as your payment is made.

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