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Compiègne Property Listings and Info

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More than just a suburb of Paris

The town of Compiègne in northern France has come in recent times to be regarded by many as just another suburb of Paris, due to its proximity to the great capital. But to see it as such is to do Compiègne a great injustice. The town has the usual mix of businesses, shops, schools and facilities for everyday living, but it also has some beautiful and historically important buildings which make it special.

French markets galore

Compiègne is justifiably proud of its lovely parks and gardens, and takes great care of its natural heritage, the Forest of Compiègne which surrounds the town. Those who love to trawl the fascinating French markets for bargains will enjoy being in Compiègne too, as the town is host to several different markets, including a lovely flower market in the Place de L'Hotel de Ville.

Château Compiègne

The most outstanding building in Compiègne is without doubt the fabulous royal palace, the Château Compiègne, built for Louis XV and later restored and lived in by Napoleon. The château, which stands in glorious parkland, now houses three distinct museums. The first museum displays the residential apartments, the second is the Museum of the Second Empire, and the third is a fascinating collection of historical figures, including a collection of more than 100,000 toy soldiers!

The Forest of Compiègne

Extending to nearly 16,000 hectares of oak and beech trees, this forest was once much, much larger. It used to be the favourite hunting ground of the kings and emperors of France, most notably of Louis XV, whose passion it was to ride and hunt here. These days you are likely to see cyclists, walkers and fishermen, as the forest provides some of France's best loved cycling and walking trails, and also superb fishing.

How to get there

Travelling to Compiègne from the UK is simple. You can fly into Paris on one of the many airlines servicing this route, including Air France, British Airways, bmibaby, easyJet and flybe and bmi. From the airport you would need to either drive or take a train. The town is around 40 minutes away from Roissy Charles de Gaulle airport, and lies on the main A1 auto route.

Property prices and availability in and around Compiègne

Property within such easy reach of Paris can tend to be expensive, but it is less so here than you might expect as the property market has tended to be limited to the French themselves so far. This means that the town is not yet over priced due to an influx of foreign buyers. There are some good quality properties available in the area, and anyone seeking a home or holiday home with good access to Paris and the UK could do worse than to consider Compiègne.

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Compiègne AT A GLANCE

WHERE IS Compiègne?

Compiègne is found in northern France. It sits slightly in the north-east of the department of Oise.

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Population: 43,380

Access: By air: Fly to Paris. By road: A1 autoroute from Paris, or RN21. By rail: Train from Paris to Compiègne. By ferry: Sail to Calais.

Economy: Compiègne has a varied and thriving economy, being within an hour's drive of Paris. It is a centre for many manufacturing industries such as Colgate-Palmolive. It also benefits from tourism, and is popular with cyclists due to its many cycling trails.

Interesting fact: The town of Compiègne is famous for being the place where the Germans signed the treaty ending the First World War. There is a monument and a small museum at the spot where this event took place.

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