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Blanzac Porcheresse - a cheerful market town

Blanzac Porcheresse is a cheerful little market town that is located in the west of France, in the Charente department of Poitou-Charentes. Whilst not being a major draw for the tourist trade, the town is an excellent place to live or to use as a base for further exploration of this great part of France. The town is thriving and bustling, and has a friendly welcome for all.

A turbulent history

There may not be much left of the historic buildings that marked out the history of the town, but Blanzac does indeed have a history that involves much conflict and war damage. The Tower that remains visible today is the only remaining part of the castle, destroyed in an epic fight to prevent the English King, Richard the Lionheart, from taking the town. Parts of the 12th century Church of Saint Arthemy of Blanzac, also remain, with their Gothic and Romanesque influences.

Shops and café society

There is a good range of local services and shops in the town, including a supermarket, boulangerie, post office, pharmacy and cinema. The boulangerie is said to be exceptionally good. The successful economy of Blanzac is based on the food retail trade, so you can expect to be able to purchase high quality food stuffs, especially the patisserie products for which Blanzac is best known! Blanzac also has a super Saturday market which takes place outdoors, in traditional style, so don't miss it.

English spoken!

As well as the shops, the town has a few bars and cafés, with at least one establishment where English is spoken. This may not sound surprising to those who have not spent a lot of time in rural France, but believe me, it is a rarity and a luxury!

Things to do in the area

The main Charente town of Angoulême is easily accessible from Blanzac and offers many interesting things to do and see. If you don't want to go into a really big town, though, and are seeking something to do, the town of Barbezieux is very close to Blanzac, and has a good open air pool which is a great place to send the kids to cool off in the summer. There are many other sporting activities going on all around, with the gentle Charente countryside being perfect for walkers, horse riders and cyclists.

How to get there

The airports of Bordeaux, Limoges, La Rochelle, and Poitiers are all accessible. Bordeaux is served by British Airways, bmibaby, Aer Lingus, easyJet and flybe; Limoges by Ryanair and flybe; La Rochelle by Ryanair, flybe and easyJet; and Poitiers by Ryanair. Poitiers and Angoulême are also able to supply stations with TGV stops, making train travel another excellent option. Travellers on the road will find the town not far from the N10, at the junction of the D7, D10 and D5.

Property prices and availability in and around Blanzac Porcheresse

Property in the Charente department can be a little more expensive than in other parts of Poitou-Charentes, but it still represents good value for money. Traditional Charantaise houses are highly sought after, but expect to find a good range of property on the market at any time. The Charente can sometimes be a little more expensive than other Poitou-Charentes departments, as it is one of the most southerly.

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Blanzac Porcheresse AT A GLANCE

WHERE IS Blanzac Porcheresse?

Blanzac Porcheresse is situated in the west of France. It lies in the south of the Charente department.

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Population: 836

Access: By air: Fly to Bordeaux, Limoges, Poitiers or La Rochelle. By rail: After leaving Eurostar at Paris, a TGV will take you to Poitiers or Angoulême. By road: The village lies close to the N10, at the junction of the D7, D10 and D5.

Economy: The economy is based on the retail food trade and general commerce.

Interesting fact: This small rural town hosts one of the largest companies in France, Art Pat Gel.


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