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Poitiers Property Listings and Info

For buying and selling property in Poitiers

Radiating with charm

Poitiers is a lively town with a population approaching 90,000. A large proportion of which are students. Nestled on top of a hill, it has fine views over the Clain and Boivre rivers. Like most University towns, there is a plenty going on in the evening. The town centre has been designed with the pedestrian in mind and is a great place in which to do some shopping.

Strategic importance

Many conquerors over the years have striven to claim the city, from Joan of Arc to Richard the Lion Heart. In 732AD the last Muslim attempt to conquer France was ended near the city.

Impressive architecture

The renowned Notre Dame La Grande, dating from the 11th and 12th centuries is the focal point for the city's cultural life. It features one of the best Romanesque facades in the whole of France.

A glimpse of the future

While the importance of Poitiers has declined over the years, its reputation was re-invigorated with the construction of Futuroscope, a high tech theme park. The place was thought up and financed by the ambitious Poitou-Charente regional council and so there are a number of films that help to educate visitors about the region. The entrance fee is quite expensive but well worth the money. It usually takes two visits to appreciate everything the park has to offer. When night falls, the park becomes the setting for a truly spectacular laser and fireworks show.

How to get to Poitiers

The fast and efficient TGV train service stops next to Futuroscope, six miles from the city. The journey takes about an hour and a half from Paris. RyanAir is the only airline that operates flights direct to Poitiers. The Eurolines coach service is also a possibility with regular trips to the city.

Poitiers property prices

The region is an ideal place in which to buy a second home for both Parisians and foreign buyers. This has pushed the price of property in central Poitiers quite high. In the rural outskirts of Poitiers there are a few bargains to be found.

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Poitiers AT A GLANCE

WHERE IS Poitiers?

Located in the exact centre of the Vienne department.

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Poitou-Charentes Guide

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Population: 90,000

Access: Poitiers has its own airport with regular flights to and from the UK. There is a TGV station just six miles from the town next to Futuroscope.

Economy: Poitiers today is highly commercial with a wide range of businesses.

Interesting fact: The area has undergone significant rejuvenation with the arrival of the hi-tech Futuroscope theme park.

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