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La Roche Posay Property Listings and Info

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La Roche Posay - famous name...

La Roche Posay is a name well known to the beauty therapy industry, as there is a large beauty company which has taken the name of this little village of the Vienne department of Poitou-Charentes. The village itself is also connected to the "bien être" or well being of the mind and body, as it is a thermal centre where many people enjoy the relaxing massages and therapies on offer. This lovely and lively village is located in the west of France, and lies amid the gentle rolling countryside of rural Vienne, which is relaxation personified even if you don't take to the waters and massage tables!

Taking the waters

La Roche Posay is well known for its superb thermal waters, around which an industry has sprung up. The village has its own legend relating to these waters, which says that a knight once stopped to give his old horse a well earned drink and found that the old horse was suddenly and miraculously cured of its eczema. Since then, the waters have been believed to be especially beneficial for those suffering from skin disorders, and this has attracted many to the village.

Amenities on offer

If you don't fancy a spa treatment though, La Roche Posay has more to it than just its spa. The village has plenty of small shops, catering to most needs, and also a small supermarket for convenience. On top of this, La Roche is a market town which hosts not one but two weekly street markets offering the chance to buy either delicious foodstuffs or more general goods, whilst enjoying your shopping in the time honoured French fashion!

What to do around town

La Roche Posay has a super 18-hole golf course, so this will keep many people very happily entertained! For the golf widows, however, there are lots of other options. The village boasts a racetrack, a casino (for those days when you think that Lady Luck might just be on your side!) and several other sports and leisure activities such as tennis and boules.

And out of town?

The Vienne is a great place to seek entertainment, and in the vicinity you can enjoy a lovely monkey park, as well as the great theme park of Futuroscope. You can visit the silver mines of Melle, discover the secrets of Cognac making in the town of that name, and so much more. Take a car, there is so much to discover and you will miss out if you don't. The countryside is full of lovely lakes and rivers where you can fish, swim or canoe, and the quiet lanes and tracks are perfect for walking, cycling or horse-riding.

How to get there

Fly to Poitiers with Ryanair for an economical and simple way to get close to La Roche Posay. The nearby large town of Châtellerault has its own station with TGV stop, so you could also choose to travel by train from the UK with just one change at Paris. Drivers will find the village near the D725 after leaving the A10 motorway.

Property prices and availability in and around La Roche Posay

Property in the Vienne is usually good value for money, as long as you stay away from the centre of the major towns. If you are prepared to do a little renovation, then the picture gets even better. There are some great bargains on the market at the time of writing.

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La Roche Posay AT A GLANCE

WHERE IS La Roche Posay?

La Roche Posay is located in the inland west of France. It lies in the east of the Vienne department, right on its region's border with the Centre Val de Loire.

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Poitou-Charentes Guide

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Vienne Guide

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Population: 1,445

Access: By air: The nearest airport is Poitiers. By rail: The TGV runs to the nearby town of Châtellerault, and also to the principal town of Poitiers. By road: La Roche Posay lies beside the D725, accessed from the A10 motorway.

Economy: The economy is concerned with thermalism and relaxation therapies.

Interesting fact: La Roche Posay gives its name to an important beauty products company.

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