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Peaceful and tranquil countryside

The town of Loudun lies in the Vienne department of the Poitou-Charentes region of western France. The countryside of the Vienne is one of the loveliest and most peaceful in France. There are more dramatic scenes in other parts of France to be sure, but if you want to feast your eyes and feed your soul with peace and tranquillity, then the Vienne has no peer. Softly rolling fields, often glowing with the deep burnished yellow of sunflowers, and green meadows are set in a countryside dotted with lakes and striped by rivers.

A dark past and a bright future…

Loudun is a town made famous by the work first of Aldous Huxley, then by Ken Russell. Huxley's novel, 'Devils of Loudon' was based on events in Loudun in 1634, when the priest of the town, one Urbain Grandier, was tried for witchcraft, convicted of having made a pact with the devil and was subsequently burned at the stake. The story was retold in even more dramatic fashion when famous director Ken Russell made a film of it, known as 'The Devils', and which was a major box office success. Thus immortalised, one would expect the town to be a dark place, mired in history and suspicion, but any visitor to the town today can see that this is plainly not the case.

Thriving modern community

Loudun has its fair share of intriguing historical monuments, such as the Square Tower, from which there are commanding views of the lovely Vienne countryside, but it is also a thriving modern community, and offers all modern conveniences to its citizens and visitors! There are many excellent cafés, bars and restaurants in the town, mainly set around the attractive pedestrianised centre. On the outskirts of the town you can find a large Leclerc supermarket which stocks pretty much everything you will ever need!

Monuments and markets

The town of Loudun also has plenty of charm and character, and those who enjoy tracing history will find some interesting buildings here. The town was originally walled, but there are now just a gateway and two towers left standing. There is a Carmelite convent where the trial of the unfortunate priest took place, and on a rather brighter note there are many lovely gardens to see, as Loudun has gained a reputation for having spectacular flower gardens.

Tuesday's market

The weekly market, always a delight in rural France, is held on a Tuesday morning, and there can be no better way to start the week than with a visit to this one. Here you can embark on a shopping spree and buy all your fruit and veg. fresh from the fields, treat yourself to something new to wear, perhaps, or even purchase a live chicken or two so you can enjoy freshly laid eggs for breakfast! All these things, and many more besides, are available from Loudun market.

Activities in the area

This area is a paradise for walkers of the less energetic variety, for horse riders and cyclists. Most sports and leisure activities are available in or near to the town, and for those less sporty the pleasurable pursuit of shopping is well catered for in Loudun!

How to get there

Reaching Loudun by air is quite straightforward and not too expensive, as budget airline Ryanair run flights from the UK to Poitiers and Limoges. If train travel is your preferred method of transport, it is an easy matter to catch the Eurostar to Paris, and then change to a TGV for Poitiers. Finally, if driving from Paris you should take the A10 autoroute.

Property prices and availability in and around Loudun

Property in the Vienne can still often be found at fairly reasonable prices, although it must be admitted that the area has experienced some steep price rises in recent years due to increased interest in the area, both from foreign buyers and Parisians looking further afield for second homes. If you are fortunate, however, you could still find that dream farmhouse with a barn for conversion to a gîte or two, without breaking the bank in the process!

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WHERE IS Loudun?

Loudun is found in western France, in the north-west of the Vienne department.

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Population: 9,000

Access: By air: Fly with Ryanair to Limoges or Poitiers. By rail: Take Eurostar to Paris and then catch the TGV fast train to Poitiers. By road: Take the A10 autoroute from Paris.

Economy: The economy of the town is largely based on agriculture, although there are many diverse businesses registered in Loudun.

Interesting fact: Aldous Huxley's novel, 'Devils of Loudun' is based on events in the town in 1634. Ken Russell's film 'The Devils' was then based on the novel!

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