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Lussac les Châteaux deserves greater recognition

Lussac les Châteaux, in the Vienne department of western France, is a town whose name may not be known to you, but which offers such a diversity of interesting possibilities for things to see and do that it deserves much greater recognition. (Except, perhaps, that letting out its secrets may spoil it with a rush of popularity.)

Lussac les Châteaux welcomes historians, gourmets, sportsmen

The town variously appeals to sportsmen (who appreciate its leisure lake for fishing and swimming, and its superb rural position offering walking, cycling and equestrian pursuits), to historians and archaeologists (who can investigate the exciting discovery of caves, grottoes and artefacts from days gone by) and gourmets who find themselves spoiled for choice by the wonderful restaurants, including an excellent restaurant for vegetarians... as rare as hen's teeth in rural France!

A fascinating glimpse of history

The caves and grottoes of the area offer an amazing glimpse into past times. Take a walk to the old La Marche part of town to discover the ancient cave walls with remnants of cattle horns embedded into the ancient stones. Wander around the town and see the old part-timbered houses, the old inns with names reminiscent of old coaching inns in Britain such as Le Lion d'Or (The Golden Lion) and Le Grand Cerf (The Big Deer). Pop into the Raymond Touchard Museum, where more of the artefacts found locally can be seen, and learn about the history not just of the town but of the surrounding countryside. Lussac les Châteaux once had many water mills, and there is still some evidence of these around, with pretty mill streams and old millstones bearing witness to a busy past life.

Foodies welcome in Lussac les Châteaux!

For a small town in a rural backwater of France, Lussac les Châteaux offers some distinguished and renowned restaurants where you can enjoy a diversity of cuisines and gourmet styles usually only found in the bigger towns and cities. Even vegetarians, who usually have a hard time finding a single item on a menu in France that they can eat, are catered for! Lussac les Châteaux also has a weekly market, some useful shops and other amenities, making it a good base for anyone wishing to put down roots in this part of France.

A hectic cultural, sporting and social calendar!

Lussac les Châteaux has a hectic calendar for almost every month of the year. From April onwards (right through 'til the end of December), there are a huge number of events to enjoy, ranging from art exhibitions, to show jumping competitions, to food and drink festivals and to petanque championships! No matter who you are, or what your age and tastes, there will be something in or close to Lussac les Châteaux that will be guaranteed to keep you happy.

Recreation centre

Lussac les Châteaux has a permanent outdoor recreation centre, excellent equestrian facilities and a lovely fishing lake. There are also some local places of interest worth visiting, so hop into the car and take a look at nearby Civaux, with its archaeological sites and baptismal pool, or enjoy a day in Poitiers, which has much to offer including the superb Futuroscope themed entertainment and education centre.

How to get there

It isn't difficult to get to Lussac les Châteaux from the UK, as budget airlines serve several airports in the area near the town. Fly to Poitiers with Ryanair, Limoges with Ryanair or flybe, or La Rochelle with Ryanair, flybe or easyJet. The train is another option, as the TGV service will get you swiftly from the Paris or Lille Eurostar stops, to Tours or Poitiers in no time at all.

Property prices and availability in and around Lussac les Châteaux

The Vienne is an area of France that still has some really good opportunities for buyers to purchase excellent properties at bargain prices... at least compared with much of the rest of the country! Prices are rising, however, as the secrets of this lovely area cannot be kept forever, so if you are considering buying a property in or near Lussac les Châteaux, don't wait too long. There are plenty of traditional stone built houses available at the time of writing, both in the town and in the surrounding countryside, and a good number of potential renovation projects and building plots too.

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Lussac les Châteaux AT A GLANCE

WHERE IS Lussac les Châteaux?

Lussac les Châteaux is situated in the west of France. It lies slightly to the south-east of the centre of the Vienne department.

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Vienne Guide

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Population: 2,532

Access: By air: Fly to Poitiers (Ryanair), Limoges (Ryanair, flybe) or La Rochelle (Ryanair, flybe, easyJet). By rail: The TGV will take you to Tours or Poitiers after a simple change from Eurostar at Paris or Lille.

Economy: The economy is largely rural with a weekly market, and tourism is also of significance.

Interesting fact: There are some amazing archaeological sites around the town, with caves, grottoes, museums and Romanesque churches all to be seen and visited.


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