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Saint Benoît Property Listings and Info

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Saint Benoît - on the crossing of two rivers

St Benoît is a small town that lies on the banks of two beautiful rivers (the Clain and the Miosson), just to the south of Poitiers in the Poitou-Charentes region. St Benoît is very attractive and is known as a town of water, thanks to the rivers and the impact on the town's ambience and way of life.

Impressive viaduct

St Benoît has a very impressive and imposing viaduct spanning the Clain River and some of the surrounding countryside. A railway runs over the bridge, which is listed in a book about the most beautiful bridges in France.

Saint Benoît 's old abbey

There is also a beautiful old abbey at St Benoît, which draws a significant number of visitors every year. There is an exceptionally well preserved "Dortoir des Moines", or monks' dormitory there too. It has featured in several artists' work, perhaps, most notably for Brits, also in the surprisingly good paintings of a certain children's TV presenter known as Timmy Mallet!

About town

St Benoît is not a metropolis, but it is well equipped and offers most amenities. There are some good shops, banks, schools, doctors and hairdressers... pretty much everything you will need for everyday life. With its rivers and park, St Benoît has lots of charm, and there is a lot to be said for spending a day just mooching around, stopping for coffee in the pretty little café bar from which you can watch the world go by. There are a couple of decent restaurants too, so you can treat yourself and let someone else do the cooking for once.

Out and about

There are so many great places to visit within reach of St Benoît that you could find yourself having to extend your stay, if you are just holidaying! Poitiers is near by, and this is certainly a city worth exploration. Then there is the delightful monkey park, le Valée des Singes, the futuristic theme park Futuroscope, the many lovely villages and towns that dot the countryside, and the rivers and lakes that abound here. Sporty types can sail, kayak, canoe, ride horses and bicycles, play tennis and take part in all manner of other activities.

How to get there

Fly to Poitiers with Ryanair for a cheap and cheerful way to reach St Benoît. There is also a TGV stop at Poitiers, so you should have no problems getting to St Benoît from the UK.

Property prices and availability in and around Saint Benoît

Property in this area is usually very good value for money, as the Vienne is still largely undiscovered by foreign property seekers and in consequence, relatively unspoiled. (Even though wealthy Parisians have known of its existence for some time and a good number own second homes in the area.) Things are changing, however, with more and more foreigners discovering the charms of places such as St Benoît, so don't wait too long before finding your own corner of this lovely town.

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Saint Benoît AT A GLANCE

WHERE IS Saint Benoît?

Saint Benoît is located in western France. It lies slightly to the east of the centre of the Vienne department.

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Vienne Guide

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Population: 6,995

Access: By air: The nearest airport is Poitiers, which has flights from Stansted with Ryanair. By rail: The TGV runs to Poitiers.

Economy: The economy is thriving thanks to being a part of the Communauté d'Agglomération de Poitiers.

Interesting fact: Saint Benoît is known as the town of water, as it lies on the crossing of two rivers and takes much of its character and ambience from this.

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