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Best Non Constructible Land for Sale in France - 2019

A selection of the best plots of leisure land or agricultural / farm land for sale in France in 2019

Land for sale in France

If you are looking for land on which to build a house, be sure to check that the land you buy is approved for building (Land for Sale in France). It may sound simplistic, but there are stories of unsuspecting buyers who have accepted a seller's word only to find that their little piece of heaven has not, and will never be, granted permission to be built upon. (The Best Plots of Land for Sale in France.)

Advantages to buying non constructible land

There is another side to this, however, and it is one that can work in the favour of anyone seeking land for purposes other than building. Non constructible land in France can be far cheaper than that with planning or outline building consent, and ownership of such land can add hugely to the pleasure of your new life. In some cases, non constructible land can also be used to generate an income.

Can land not suitable for building be redesignated?

This is an oft asked question, and the short answer would be "Yes, it can". The small print, however, suggests that it is rarely worth gambling on this unless you have money to spare and are happy to take a risk. There are cases where land deemed non constructible can be later redesignated to allow building consent, but even if you pay over the normal price for agricultural land on the basis that it may be redesignated in the future, there are no guarantees.

Gamble at your peril

Sometimes false hope that the land may be given building consent is raised by the seller claiming that it is only non constructible as there are no services such as water or mains drainage, leading prospective purchasers to assume that if they use a well, fit septic tanks and install links to services (Connecting utilities (water, gas, electricity, telephone and sewage) in France) they will obtain building consent, but once again, this is a gamble I would not advise taking. The safe route is to accept that if a parcel of land for sale states it is non constructible, it is exactly that.

How to go about purchasing land

The purchase of land in France is subject to similar fuss and checks as any other property purchase (Property sales in France). The government agricultural agency, SAFER, has to be notified and will have first rights to buy the land should they wish. You will also need to pay a notaire to draw up the paperwork and to act for both you and the seller. You will have to pay taxes and also any fees due on a mortgage or loan should there be one (Buying a French Property - The Fees).

Cost of land not suitable for building

The actual price per hectare (10,000 square metres or approximately 2.5 acres) of agricultural, leisure or non constructible land varies from department to department and according to its quality, location, access and potential. SAFER are the best people to contact, although again, the local mairie may be able to give you a guide price and contacts for more advice.

Possible uses for non constructible land - it could generate an income

Non constructible land can, of course, be used for many different purposes. Good pastureland rarely comes for sale, but if it does it can be ideal for anyone wanting to keep horses (Horses in France), run a livestock related business such as keeping goats and/or chickens, or to run a smallholding. Sometimes permission to use the land for camping may be granted, although this is subject to strict controls and must be carefully looked into before purchase. Non constructible land may also be offered for sale with a lake, and if you obtain consent for fishing (Fishing in France) and a fishing business you may have a good way of obtaining an income.

Leisure land for sale in France

Land not suitable for building is sometimes also classified as leisure land, meaning it can be used for a variety of activities such as horse-riding or dog training, and in some cases it can be possible to site a caravan or tent. Permission for a caravan should be sought from the mairie.

A selection of non constructible land plots for sale in France in 2019:

Below you will find a selection of the best plots of non constructible land for sale in France at the time of writing:


2 acre Land in the Countryside near Châteaumeillant (NOT building land).
Centre Val de Loire

2 acre Land in the Countryside near Châteaumeillant (NOT building land).

7,950 Euros

2 acre level field suitable for horses or any other leisure pursuit, surrounded by trees with good access from the road. situated just 5mins from Châteaumeillant, a small country town with a supermarket, banks, weekly fresh produce market & restaurants. NOT building land.

More details


Secluded ½ acre Lake & Land situated near to Ste Sévère.
Centre Val de Loire

Secluded ½ acre Lake & Land situated near to Ste Sévère.

18,000 Euros

Quiet secluded fishing lake, ideal for relaxation, situated in a valley surrounded by trees. Plenty of fish to keep you interested. Not suitable for building as no services available.

More details


1 acre fishing lake with land

1 acre fishing lake with land

26,000 Euros

Surrounded by woods and meadows this pretty property is an ideal place to relax. Perfect haven, not overlooked and yet with great views over the surrounding countryside. The lake which is approximately 4 600m2 surface is fed with internal springs and run-off from the surrounding land. it is 3metres at its deepest, Closed water with a 30 year licence issued in 2014. Some work needed. Monk and by-pass already in place. Please note this land is not building land

More details


Land of 8879m² with beautiful 4500m² leisure lake

Land of 8879m² with beautiful 4500m² leisure lake

29,000 Euros

The plot (non constructable) has good access and has some lovely trees. The lake is full of tench, roach and grass carp The property is situated 10 minutes from Saint Junien.

More details


Creuse - 55,000 Euros

Creuse - 55,000 Euros

55,000 Euros

Loevly leisure lake of approximatly 6 500m² on a piece of land of more than 3 hectares in a beautiful and peaceful location, partly fill by a source.

More details

Check out the possibilities before buying non build land

A piece of land is never just a piece of land, and the same rules/prices cannot be assumed to apply to land in different areas, different types of terrain and any other variable. You may be allowed to put up a log cabin holiday home or site a mobile home making it a perfect holiday solution, but equally, this permission may be denied. You may or may not be able to turn your non constructible land into a business venture. If in doubt, check it out. That said, land is always a valuable asset, for as the old story goes, they just aren't making it anymore.

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