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Buy to Let Property in Provence - an attractive investment

Buying a property to let in the south of France has distinct advantages over a boring pension fund investment

Buy to let property in France isn't just for the rich

Many people like the idea of owning a rental property in the south of France. Well, who wouldn't? But, they worry that property in this ever popular and famously glitzy region might be beyond their means. After all, the Riviera is the playground of royalty and celebrities, isn't it? To a point, that's true. But, there are some very attractive properties that won't break the bank if your means are more modest. Nice Pebbles, a long established business that specialises in the buy to let market, has properties on its books from just a little over 150,000 Euros. So, your money can actually go a lot further in the south of France than in the UK or the USA.

More fun than a pension fund!

A buy to let investment in the south of France puts the fun back into a retirement fund. A canny buyer can not only enjoy holidays in one of the world's best loved locations, but also achieve a realistic retirement payment. You can pay into a pension fund every month, or you can buy a property in the south of France and enjoy fun-filled holidays while your expenses are paid and your investment matures. Now, which sounds better?

Expert advice is vital when buying property to rent out

Buying to let sounds like a good idea. But, mistakes can be made by the unwary. Buying the wrong apartment in the wrong area can mean less rental clients than expected, and if the budget is tight you can't afford those sorts of mistakes. But with the right property and the right advice from the experts, the money should come rolling in. Gayle Roberts, of Nice Pebbles explains:

"We have two bedroom apartments on our books that were bought for circa 300,000 Euros and earn the owner, after all fees, 25,000 GBP per annum. Since this amount almost covers the mortgage costs, the client will be looking at a realistic (at least) 300,000 Euro return in twenty years. If a client follows our advice about what to buy and how to furnish, we can provide that level of return."

Location is everything, but price it right

Gayle stresses the importance of the right location. Nice Pebbles deals mainly in Nice and nearby parts of the Riviera. And, her long experience means that she knows exactly where a successful rental property will be located. A pretty apartment in the wrong part of Nice simply won't cut it when it comes to attracting renters. Gayle has the following advice:

"Anywhere in central Nice has potential to rent out, but the best areas are close to the Old Town or beach for rental guests. Location is everything, but if buying as a buy to let, you are also thinking about the investment and the price offered to guests. Therefore all the factors of price, location, amenities and potential have to be considered for each individual property. We go through any contender with a client and give them a realistic idea of the rental return they will receive for any particular property. Sometimes two properties will achieve the same rental return, but if one is priced 50,000 Euros cheaper, that might be the one to grab."

Let the experts take the strain

If you deal with an established agency, the team's knowledge and advice can take all the strain out of setting up your buy to let property and getting it rented out. If you're dealing with Nice Pebbles, for example, it will really go that extra mile to make sure everything is just so. A successful rental property in the Riviera must be decorated right, furnished right and managed right. An expert agency can not only point you to the best property to buy, but also arrange all the above work for you. It can also manage all the rentals, all you have to do is give the agency the keys and relax. Nice Pebbles and sister company Riviera Pebbles will manage every aspect of your buy to let property for you, from the initial search to welcoming your guests. And if you buy your property through Nice Pebbles, you're guaranteed a place on their rentals portfolio. That's a sought after position that owners of rental properties bought from other agents can wait a long time for.

Provence - land of honey and lavender

Another expert agency that can offer invaluable help with the purchase of a buy to let property is Provence Property Brokers. Set in the beautiful Var department of Provence, the agency will help you to find the perfect place, walk you through the purchase and arrange all the mundane necessities like setting up bank accounts and organising connection of the utilities. The Var is a gloriously pretty department, known for its wines, honey and lavender. Oh - and sunshine. So it's another great place to own a holiday rental property. Albert Herbert, of Provence Property Brokers, says that around half of the properties he sells are rented out to short term (holiday) renters. The returns can be good, and Albert says that a well chosen and well managed property can easily pay for its own upkeep through rental incomes. So, the owner can holiday for free while watching the investment mature.

Short or long term lets?

Albert does point out, however, that renting a property out on a long term arrangement is not the same in France as it is in the UK or other countries. There are laws in place to offer protection to long term tenants, and it can be difficult to move tenants out if there are problems or if you wish to sell your property. So Albert likes holiday or short term lets, even if this means that your property is empty for a while in the off season.

Nice Pebbles and Provence Property Brokers work with French Property Links to get maximum exposure

Whether you're buying, renting or selling a property, advertising and internet exposure is the key to success. Getting to the top of the Google search lists is vital. And no one does that better than internet property portal French Property Links. So it's not surprising that Nice Pebbles and Provence Property Brokers both keep regular adverts on the site.

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