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Finding the Best Lakes in France For Sale

A guide to lakes in France and where the best French lakes for sale are located

Lakes in France

Everyone loves a lake. There's something about lakes that releases the romantics in us, probably dating back to William Wordsworth's wonderful evocations of the British Lake District. So it makes sense that a good portion of British property buyers in France are seeking property that is next to, or at least close to, a lake. Then, there are some of us actually want to own one of France's lakes, be it large or small.

France is a land of lakes

There are over 222 named lakes in France listed on Wikipedia, and hundreds more of smaller ones that are not named. There's even one, in the Haute-Savoie, whose name is "Lac sans-nom-au-dessus-des-Drayères", which translates to "the lake with no name"! There are mountain lakes, lakes in the plains and coastal lakes. There are glacial lakes, natural lakes and man-made reservoir lakes, known in France as Plan d'Eau. There are also salt water lakes, or Étangs, which are found down on the south coast of France. They lie between the Mediterranean Sea and the land, separated by a thin strip of land. These are home to amazing wildlife, like the flamingoes and other wading birds that come and go with the seasons. And they are also famed for their fantastic seafood and oysters in particular. You won't be able to buy an Etang though. They are very much public property!

French leisure lakes

Many of the French lakes also double as leisure lakes. Leisure lakes can offer anything from swimming or fishing to fully developed water sports centres, and are often surrounded by further attractions such as cafés, restaurants, children's play areas, picnic grounds, tennis courts and walking trails. One of the best known and biggest of France's leisure lakes is Lake Vassivière, in the Limousin. Lake Vassivière has areas for motor boats and water skiing, sailing, camping, picnicking, walking and a variety of cafés and even hotels. It is one of the most important sports and leisure bases in the region. Now Lake Vassivière is not for sale, but even privately owned lakes can often be big enough to do a little fishing, boating or canoeing on! They are also a great addition to rental property, you won't have any shortage of clients if your property has a lake.

Buying your own French lake

So, it isn't hard to find a lake anywhere you happen to be in France. But if you want to own your very own fishing lake, ornamental lake or leisure lake, either on its own or as part of a property, you need to know just where to look. Some regions have more than their fair share of lakes for sale in France. And, it might cost less than you expect.

The Limousin - land of a thousand lakes

A good place to start looking would be the Limousin region. Known as "the land of a thousand lakes", the Limousin offers lakes for sale from a paltry 19,000 Euros. If you want something more than just a pretty patch of water, though, you can find fully stocked carp lakes, or even magnificent properties with fishing lakes, ornamental lakes and lakes large enough for boating. You will pay a little more for these though!

Brittany - easily accessible and a popular holiday area

Another region where you can find some of the best private lakes for sale is Brittany. Set up in the accessible north-west of the country, lakes in Brittany can be found for just over 53,000 Euros. Brittany is a very popular holiday area, so it is also attractive to anyone wanting to run a holiday fishing business. It's possible to find lakes with land suitable for starting a lakeside campsite, so there's a business plan as well as a personal pleasure!

Poitou-Charentes - huge choice of lakes for sale

Poitou-Charentes is also good for lakes. The region is dotted with them, large and small. Prices for lakes at the time of writing begin at 39,000 Euros, but the choice is vast. You can by a fantastic chateau with a lake, for example, if you have 1,300,000 Euros to spend!

Centre Val de Loire - great prices for fishing lakes

A fourth region that's rich in lakes for sale in France is the Centre Val de Loire. Here, you can grab a fishing lake for 18,000 Euros. If the romance of a lake is appealing, it's also a great place to find a gorgeous restored water mill property, complete with lake of course.

How to find your lake in France

French Property Links (English language) and its sister site in French can help you to find your very own lake in France. The site is really user friendly and you can view all the prices in Euros or Pounds so you know exactly what you're spending! And, if you're selling a lake, or a property with a lake in France, this is the place to advertise for a great response.

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